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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and







September is a very important month for us especially in our Competitive Department. It is the month when we start all of our competitive games in their respective divisions. We play from now until around December time, when we then prepare for State and National Cup. Our Recreational teams also start their league this month.


We are also launching our College Workshops this month, starting on Thursday, September 6th at 6.30 pm at the Boys & Girls Club on Woodward Avenue in Escondido. This seminar will be open to all teams both competitive and recreational, their players and families in the 2003 birth year age group and older only. The workshop will be given by Sylvia Caruthers who has worked closely with our Director of College and Career Readiness, Denis Sweeney.


With Denis’ help Escondido Soccer Club, unlike any other soccer club, is taking a slightly different approach to college preparation, by concentrating more on the academic approach rather than the athletic approach. Let’s face it, if your child is not academically prepared first and foremost then they would not be playing soccer anyway. This is our first workshop with concentration on the financial aspect of the college applications and process, and will touch on all aspects of college application awareness.


sylviaSylvia began her career in education in 1996 at a local school district. She has worked closely with students and administrators throughout her career and understands the importance of working in conjunction with school counselors, and she has seen firsthand the limitations that they face. She can pick up where they legally cannot, due to liability issues, contract or district policy.


She had melded her background in education with SoCal College Planning and has successfully helped families save money while going to their dream school. Her personal goals are to provide guidance to families of all incomes and backgrounds. Her PTA and high school sports workshops have helped her meet this goal and are one of the many ways she gives back to the community.
Sylvia studied Italian and Social Studies in Rome at Scuola Leonardo de Vinci (the school made famous by Elizabeth Gilbert’s book; Eat, Pray, Love) and continues to practice Italian on her chickens and rescue Pomeranian.


Although Sylvia makes her living from her profession, none of her products and services will be talked about during the workshop. This seminar is solely for informational purposes only for Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat.


If indeed you do need more information about her services you can go to her Website at SOCAL COLLEGE PLANNING.







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If you wish to help any of our Directors and their respective committess please see contacts below.


Join our Educational CommitteeContact Director of College and Career Readiness


Any Sponsorship and Donations – 

Contact Director of Marketing


Join our End of Season Party Committee

Contact DOC


Do you have any suggestionsContact DOC




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Our Opening Night Celebrations was a massive success with close to a thousand people attending. This was open to our Recreational and our Competitive personnel and teams and families and friends.



A lot of money was made for our teams through food and ware stalls manned by players and families. All money collected will benefit those teams.






This was the first year we had live entertainment with DJ CRIZ and an adults only beer and wine area. Our volunteers also provided baby-sitting and manned our jumpees and fun areas. Thank you to all those who volunteered and made this event a true success!






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We are in need of a Boys  U10 assistant coach in the Recreational Division.

Contact Franki Cira.


If you know of any players of any age equipped to play competitive soccer please contact Steve Yorke.



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Ryan Park is now OPEN – Field number 1 will be rested on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this month







B2006 Black – Coach Fernandez – SoCal FInalists


G2010 – Coach Jeffers – Attack Summer Classic Finalists


G2009 – Coach Griffen – Pegasus Labor Day Finalists


G2008 – Coach Griffen – Carlsbad Classic Finalists


G2006 Black – Coach Meyers – SoCal Cup Champions


G2005 – Coach H. Hernandez – Notts Forest Champions


G2003 – Coach Meyers – Attack Summer Classic Finalists


B2007 – Coach Cira – SoCal Champions


B2010 Blue – Coach Espinoza – SoCal Finalists


B2000/01 Black – Coach Sweeney – Real Madrid Finalists


B2010 – Coach Espinoza – San Diego Premier Champions


B2008 White – Coach Melgoza – Scripps Challenge Champions


B2005 White – C. Hernandez – Carlsbad Classic Champions


B2005 – Coach Gonzalez – Riptide Champions


B2005 – Coach Gonzalez – Barcelona Cup Finalists


B2004 – Coach Griffen – Pegasus Labor Day Finalists


B2000/01 Blue – Coastal Classic Champions