During our 2016 season we contracted with an outside sports company to work with our players and their families on a number of subjects, including; fitness, speed, agility, strength training, injury prevention and nutrition.


We would like to know how our players and their families rated these clinics and if the provided information was beneficial to you, your team and your family.


Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below and rate your answer with A through E, meaning:

A = Excellent, B = Good, C = Average, D = Poor and E = Very Poor


Thank you




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1. How did your child like the Rehab clinics?

2. As a parent do you think your child benefited from taking part in the Rehab clinics?

3. In your opinion were the clinics taught by experienced, educated experts?

4. Were the clinics well organized?

5. Did the nutritional education help you and your family?

6. 6. Would you like to see the Rehab clinics continue as a part of Heat training/practices?

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