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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and






Starting in January 2016












Many players, parents and coaches are eager to understand more about the upcoming changes to youth soccer in 2016, and what that means for players of FC Heat and Escondido Soccer Club and all other soccer clubs in the US.


Hopefully this Q & A section will help alleviate any concerns that you may have regarding these issues.


What changes can we expect for 2016?


In 2016 our age matrix is changing to keep us equal and in line with the rest of the international soccer world. The USA has been out of step for a long time. Starting in January 2016, all players age brackets will now run from January 1st to December 31st of their birth year. For example; if you were born in the year 2000, you will be 16 years-old in 2016 and therefore you will play U16 in 2016. It will no longer be called U16, but will be called Boys or Girls 2000. Same goes for every other age group and gender.


What other changes can we expect and why?


As mentioned, so far the only concrete changes for 2016 is for the age matrix. Still being discussed is the number of players on the field. It may happen in the Presidio and/or SDDA league in 2016 that fewer players will play on the field in our younger teams. This is to allow for more touches on the ball for individual players, so that they develop as a player much more efficiently and faster. In 2017-2018 there will be quite a few changes in the number of players playing, field size, goal size, roster size and some other rules. Again this is for player development, so that the US can keep up with European and South American youth development. Really this is all about the kids and improving overall soccer development in the US, and so will be extremely beneficial to all kids learning the game.


How does FC Heat and Escondido Soccer Club expect to deal with these changes?


Like every club in the US, FC Heat will follow the rules, we have to. Fortunately there are some gray areas that allow for clubs such as ours to make those changes gradually. The main thing that we are concerned with now is the new age matrix for 2016. Parents will now be encouraged to play their children in the correct age bracket. At this time, many teams have players playing up an age, and on some teams this can be as much as 50%. Players can still play up, but at the discretion of the coach working with the Director of Coaching, who will take into consideration the players’ skill, ability, physical size and emotional and social development.. Realistically only very few players will be qualified to play up in 2016. This is the same for every club, not just FC Heat. Recreational Teams and especially Spring Teams are advised to be totally age pure as we move forward.


What advantages do we have by moving to this new age matrix?


Again this is not a choice we have, we and every club are going to move to the new age matrix in 2016. The advantages in most cases is that your players will get an extra year playing soccer. For example; most of the players on my BU14 team will play again in 2016 at the old BU14 level. Some however, have to move up an age as they will be too old. If I keep the same team as I now have, I have to play them up to the BU15 level, which means many of my players will be playing players physically bigger, stronger and older. This limits our competitiveness and can endanger my smaller built players.

Other clubs will move quickly to an age pure team simply because they will expect younger teams from other clubs to play up, and will therefore win more games and championships, making that particular club look better and more attractive. The sensible decision is to take the step to age pure now, and do as other clubs are doing in order to keep the playing level fair, even and competitive.


Other advantages players have by playing in their own age pure team are:

· Players can become more of a leader on the field whereas if they played up they could be less significant

· Players would gain more confidence in their own age group and possibly could be noticed by select teams such as SDDA or ODP


What changes does FC Heat have to make in order for this change to take effect?


This change could possibly mean one more team in each age group, which would mean employing additional qualified, professional coaches. FC Heat is dedicated to coaching improvement. If you look at our teams performances overall in 2015, we have by far surpassed our championship win rate from last year with 54 championships, and the majority of our teams are sitting in the top 5 of their respective divisions towards the end of the season. Having said that, we listen to you, our players and parents, for feedback on your current coach’s performance. Our Director of Coaching pays special attention to every coach’s evaluation report sent in, good, bad or indifferent, and remember this information is always confidential with no names being shared with other staff or the coach. The coach will of course read the comments from the reviews, but names will remain anonymous.


To rate your competitive coach please complete the evaluation here:


How is FC Heat going to make these changes?


Again, these changes will be gradual but you will start to see a difference especially at tryouts. Coaches and parents will be expected to encourage their players to play in their own age bracket. Current coaches will carefully scrutinize their teams, while working with coaches in the surrounding age groups to make painless suggestions for each of their players.

We also plan on putting together some Age Pure Practices for both boys and girls run by volunteer competitive coaches after our regular season has concluded. This will give the players and parents a chance to sample the slight differences, and to see and feel the potential new teams. Please consult our Website and our Newsletter for the dates and times of these practices. These will be posted on conclusion of our regular competitive season.


I have heard of other clubs doing this in order to sign up players early, prior to tryouts. Is that true?


Yes it is and this is being addressed by our governing bodies.

Some of the bigger clubs out there are taking what I believe is an unethical advantage of the situation. For example; you attend one of their practices and in certain situations, like what you see and then you are expected to sign up in advance for next year. Most of the time some of the things you don’t know are; who your coach is going to be? What the total cost involved is? And which players from this practice group are going to be on your team?

Our practices are just for our players to sample age pure practices with a different coach who has volunteered to do this. Our main goal and aim is to make this transition as painless as possible for families.


I have had the same coach for many years. Who is going to be coaching my team now?


Once coaches are evaluated they will be placed with teams ahead of tryouts. It is likely that you may have the same coach, but then again you may not. Sometimes change is good and many times a brand new perspective adds to a more exciting season of development. But rest assured it will be a professionally qualified coach in charge of your team.

We understand also that many players like to play on the same team as their friends. In most cases this will continue, but in a few instances, teams will be expected to split in order to compete. It is very much like starting a new school year in a class with different students, by the second or third class or practice session you become great friends with your teammates.


Why can’t we just stay the same and leave it alone and just play every team up?


If we ignore these changes in 2016 and keep teams the way they are structured today, by 2017/2018 the proposed other changes would be virtually impossible to make. Players and parents would be very unhappy at the end of 2016, because their team could possibly be sitting at the bottom of the league with no wins, having just experienced a frustrating time for the players. To ignore these changes would be like navigating through thick fog.


What about keeping the team together and just dropping a level?


Well if you win your league or finish near the top this year you will not be allowed to drop a level. Presidio and the SDDA make these decisions to keep a good competitive level for all teams. If you are on the bottom of the league and are forced to drop a level, you still don’t know who you may face next year. Most divisions in 2016 will have a sense of the unknown in them, which could very well be exciting for all teams.


With the age changes, what is the possibility of there NOT being a team for my son and daughter?


Extremely remote! At FC Heat we have always adopted the policy of “No child left behind.” If your son and/or daughter are qualified to play competitive soccer, in 2016 we should have more teams available than in the past.


Could that mean a team is just being put together with my son being there in order to make up the numbers, and in so doing would be then offered very little playing time?


Absolutely not! Our teams are constructed from tryouts and all players are chosen for their skills, hard-work and application to the sport. Before a team is finalized all coaches realize that the players that they pick are the players that they will play. We never place a player on a team just to make up numbers. And our win/loss record in all competitions speaks for itself.


What about age matrix in tournaments?


The State and National Cup which takes place in 2016 is based on the 2015 teams and will therefore have this year’s age matrix. All tournaments after August 1st in 2016 will use the new age matrix going forward. This year’s player cards can still be used up until August 1st2016.


We hope that this answers most of your questions. Realistically these changes are for the better and for the benefit of player development. Every year at FC Heat and Escondido Soccer Club we do our utmost to bring improvement to every team and player. If you have any other questions please e-mail our Director of Coaching, Steve Yorke at





Our Recreational teams are in the midst of their play-off season, where all of the games are very exciting. Teams and coaches are having fun while trying their best to win their respective championships.


This year we have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of talent in our Recreational League. Having just completed our All-Star Tryouts, it was amazing to see not only the amount of talent involved, but also the number of players trying out. In the BU8 group alone there were 54 potential All-Stars and in the BU12 group there were nearly 40. This shows a great interest to represent our club and to take their soccer education one step further.


What parents and coaches should understand is that Recreational Soccer is the first rung on the ladder to player development. If you are excited at the games now, imagine how you will feel when your player is an Escondido All-Star, playing against other clubs in surrounding cities. Then take it one step further to trying out for FC Heat, the competitive arm of our club, where this excitement lasts for the entire year. Many parents are in shock at the speed in which a player can develop in this friendly, healthy environment.


At FC Heat we work very closely with the Recreational division, both looking for exciting new talent in the player department and also the coaching department. All of those coaches who volunteer their time to help your players are watched closely by our Director of Coaching. And, as we move forward, some are invited to participate in our Competitive Program. In fact this is where our Director of Coaching started many years ago.


Currently we have 4 coaches who have made or are making the move to Competitive. Many are very surprised at the amount of knowledge needed and the differences as compared from recreational soccer to competitive soccer. Congratulations to James Griffin (2014 Recreational Coach of the Year), Don Myers, Sebastian Oros and Scott Schooling who are currently doing a tremendous job in our Competitive Division.


In this program, we take prospective recreational/all-star coaches and partner them with one of our existing Heat coaches for a season or so. We require that these coaches improve their licensing and stay educated while taking part in this transition.


If any coaches are interested in making the move to competitive soccer, contact our Director of Coaching Steve Yoke at


Right around the corner is our Spring Season Sign-Ups…


Spring season sign-ups on 11-7 & 11-14 from 11-2 at Ryan Park. $70 per player & all registered players will receive a Escondido Soccer Club bumper sticker. Season starts 1/31/15.



On another note…


One of our Recreational/All Star coaches Ryan Detwiler is running a fundraiser for his daughters GU11 competitive team, coached by Juan Ochoa.


This will help fund a possible out of state tournament.


Ryan has designed a real good looking Heat shirt that you can wear for any occasion.


To order please click the link here:




If you have not yet visited our Education/College Page on our Website,  –, please do so as this contains many resources for your future. We are constantly on the look-out for great resources that can help our high-school and college age players, and we intend to introduce them to you via this newsletter. is the go to resource for everything in the world of youth club, high school and college soccer. All FC Heat players are eligible to log on and create a free TDS Profile, which they can use as a soccer “resume”. In addition to the profiles, TDS has excellent content and tools to expand your knowledge and understanding of the youth and college soccer landscapes.


Looking for opportunities to positively influence the game, was created with the mission to provide authoritative, responsible coverage of college and high school aged soccer; promoting the game and the players who play it.


Since 2003, the pre-professional soccer system has undergone a renaissance.  New leagues, new rules, and reform efforts have been implemented, and to accompany the positive growth in the system, has become more than just a website, it’s now a destination.  The home of the pre-professional game. is now the official provider of college and club scores for over 100,000 players and 5,000 teams, ranks over 3,000 players, hosts nationwide TDS Unsigned Showcases, and produces the yearly College Soccer Recruiting Guide.






* Coach of the Year Trophies 2015 * 

for Recreational (left) and Competitive (right)


FC Heat BU15 Presented to the City of Escondido


President Denyce Cooper talking to the City Council about China


Congratulations to Julio Alfaro and his BU10 team who captured the Presidio League Title for AA-C North










Logan Lipton may not have played for FC Heat but he graced our fields on many occasions.

Logan died after a car accident in Oceanside last month.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and his teammates and coaches of Oceanside Soccer Club.