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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and

In the last few years we have shown excellent improvement in our competitive division, with our teams roaring from mid to lower place finishes in all competitions, to much higher levels of achievement in the past 2 years.
FC Heat Elite

Many ask how FC Heat was able to achieve this level in such a short period of time. And to answer that question, I put it down to three components; individual player development, creating a happy, playing environment for our players and superior coaching. Once we achieve that then everything else seems to fall into place. Good coaches can develop all of their players while teaching teamwork and tactics at the same time. Many of our coaches have spent hundreds of hours on the practice field with teams created from tryouts in previous years. Some have even hit the high point with first and second year teams.

A great measure to the success of our methodology is for us to gauge how many of our older players are getting selected for our local high school teams. Having heard the stories from our coaches, who follow their players through high school tryouts, this alone has been quite an achievement.
Many of our coaches have assistant coaches within our competitive program who usually had gotten their start from our recreational division. We are proud to say that assistant coaches such as; Sebastian Oros, Don Meyers, Scott Schooling, James Griffen, Robert Jeffers, Dan Blake, Kathy Pharies, Arturo Valle, Frankie Cira and Arturo Duarte have had a tremendous impact this year, helping many of their teams achieve great status.
At FC Heat Elite, we have a program where our outstanding recreational coaches are invited to assist one of our Heat coaches for a season or so, much like an apprenticeship. We usually find that once partnered, both the head coach and the assistant coach are a hit with our players and their families. We will continue to do this moving forward. Sebastian Oros and Don Meyers, both recreational coaches have been excellent in this respect.
If you are interested in moving through from recreational to competitive, contact our Director of Coaching Steve Yorke.
Julio Alfaro’s BU9 team capture their Championship
We thought that the 2014/2015 Competitive Soccer Season was good with 40 Championships and another 27 Runners-Up positions, but we even surpassed that this season. To date (and our year is not yet complete) our FC Heat Elite Teams have captured a remarkable tally:
52 – Tournament Championships
36 – Tournament Runners-up
1 – State Cup Semi-Finalist
1 – National Cup Semi-Finalist
6 – Presidio/SDDA Championships
4 – Presidio/SDDA Runners-up
6 – Presidio/SDDA 3rd Place
Of all the 33 teams in our competitive division, 22 have finished in the top 5. We also had a great record for discipline in the league, with 11 of our teams not receiving any yellow or red cards for the whole season.
Of 367 games played by FC Heat Elite teams, 234 were either wins or ties.
This in itself is a fantastic achievement!
BU9 – Julio Alfaro
BU10 – Julio Alfaro
BU15 – Denis Sweeney
GU12 – Rick Moore & Don Meyers
GU16 – Rob Parker & Kathy Pharies
GU19 – Hector Hernandez
BU11 – Jorge Valazquez & Martin Lopez
BU14 – Brian Blake
GU9 – Brian Blake & Don Meyers
GU14 – Rob Parker
BU11 – Denis Sweeney & Sebastian Oros
BU12 – James Griffin & Martin Lopez
BU14 – Steve Yorke & Arturo Duarte
BU15 – Roger Rolim de Moura & Robert Jeffers
BU17 – Carlos Hernandez
GU14 – Carlos Hernandez

Congratulations to all our players, our teams, our coaches and our managers and parents for making this season a great one!


Congratulations to Sebastian Oros who was voted 2015/2016 Recreational Coach of the Year by his peers, his players and their families. Congratulations also to Garrett Vesco as Runner-Up and Leo Escobedo in Third Place.
It has been truly amazing what all of our recreational coaches have achieved this year. Not only do we have more qualified players wanting to move through  to our competitive program, but we have so many happy kids playing the game at this level. Out of over 250 evaluation reports for all of our recreational coaches, 246 were immensely positive. Great job Rec Coaches and thank you for volunteering. We could not reach these levels without you!
Here are the results of our Recreational Play-Off series, which was a huge success at Ryan Park. Many players representing these teams were selected to join our All-Star Program, to represent our club in at least 3 recreational tournaments in the next few weeks.
Finalists: BU8  – SD Dynamo
Champions: BU8  – Rockets
Finalists: BU10  – Empire
Champions: BU10  – Griffen
Finalists: BU12  – Escondido Premiere
Champions: BU12  – The Empire
Finalists: BU14  – FC Silver
Champions: BU14  – Barcelona FC
Finalists: GU8  – Fireballs
Champions: GU8  – Griffen
Finalists: GU10  – Hunters
Champions: GU10  – FC Sparkle
Finalists: GU12/14  – Tsunami
Champions: GU12/14  – Strykers
Don’t Forget Spring Ball…

One of our competitive coaches, Martin Lopez, came to me this year with an idea for a tournament to benefit an orphanage in San Diego. We thought we could have an entrance fee of one toy per player on each team, for whichever team competes. It turned out that it was too difficult to get field space, and the organization needed to put this together in time before Christmas.
However, our Presidio Soccer League friends have decided to adopt this idea for their Commissioners Cup, hosted by us at Ryan Park on Saturday andSunday, December 5th and 6th, 2015.
It is not a requirement to donate one toy per child competing of course, but we sure do appreciate any donations you are willing to give to this special San Diego orphanage.  The surprising thing is that The San Diego Center for Children really needs some of the simpler things in life for our orphans. Things like new clothing, household goods, hygiene products, school supplies as well as toys, music, board games, art supplies, gift cards and books, and any sports equipment that is new or gently used. If you have a bike we will take that with great pleasure!
There will be collection containers scattered around the fields at Ryan Park this weekend to hold your kind donations. Thank you to all in advance.
To learn more about The San Diego Center for Children please visit their Website at

The age pure practices that we organized this month for all players interested in playing competitive soccer in 2016 were a huge success.
It was nice to see a no pressure practice for our players, especially with a different coach running the practice that the players were probably not familiar with. These practices were not meant to be tryouts, or practices to establish teams for the coming year. What we tried to achieve was a comfortable, happy playing environment for players of the same birth year. This enabled us to see the skill level and the physical size of players in certain birth years, and gave much comfort to families who had questions about this new age matrix going forward.
As you can see from the chart below, quite a few changes are planned in the coming years which really make for an exciting experience for developing young soccer players. These changes will be gradual and will start as listed in the 2016/2017 season. This is the same for every club in the USA.
We will still have our regular tryouts at the start of 2016, which will be held in player’s birth year ages. FC Heat Elite has some wonderful new programs planned for our 2016/2017 season. All of this information will be available on our Website prior to the start of the new year.
All of our coaches are currently being evaluated for their work in 2015, but once this is completed, we will be able to allocate coaches to those teams for next year. If you have not done so already, you can evaluate your coach’s performance in 2015, by completing this form either in English or Spanish.
You can also go to our Website at and vote for your favorite person in all of these competitive categories:
Competitive Coach of the Year
Team Manager of the Year
Volunteer of the Year
Board Member of the Year
Presentations will be handed out at our end of season party
Mark it on your calendar today!

Just before the Thanksgiving break at our Age Pure Practices, I joined in with a team of 2000 Boys playing a team of 2001 Boys, and needless to say the end result was a badly sprained ankle.
Two overly enthusiastic boys thought they would teach the coach a lesson,

and they did, as you can see by my left ankle. The following day I called Arturo Valle at Rehab United and he had me limp in for a treatment. I was hesitant at first, thinking that an injury like this is going to take time to heal, and that I had no other alternative but to hobble and struggle for at least six to eight weeks.
Arturo, tested my walking, looked at the alignment of both of my feet, massaged most of the swelling out and gave me some exercises to do for at least a couple of weeks. He completed the treatment with a good 20 minute ice bucket plunge and hold. He explained to me that is was most important to quickly retrain those muscles in my ankle so it would not roll on me on my return to the game (if there ever is a return!). He then sent me on my way. I could have jogged out of his facility, it felt that much better after this initial treatment.
Three days later there was a remarkable improvement, as you can see from this photograph. Most of the swelling had gone down and the bruising was coming to the surface. I could actually walk normally,

but it was still sore.

Times have changed for injury prevention, healing and rehabilitation. A good example is Lionel Messi who came back from knee ligament damage to a full recovery in 6 weeks, to play against Real Madrid a few weeks ago.
Years ago he would have been out for months.
The lesson I learned from this, I pass on to you and your young players. If your child gets injured, don’t be stubborn, go and see a professional like Arturo Valle and Bryan Hill at Rehab United, who use the latest technologies and methods to put you on the right track to a fast and safe recovery. I also learned that the faster you get to them, the better it is for this fast, safe recovery process to take place. Thank you Rehab!
By the way, Rehab United always offers free injury screening for Heat players.
To learn more about Rehab, visit their Website or call them at their offices