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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and

The 2016 Presidio and SDDA seasons were a great success for our competitive teams who really made a statement across the board this year. 7 Heat teams became champions and another 9 Heat teams were runners-up.
Of our 41 teams that competed in all Presidio divisions, SDDA 1 & 2 divisions, and CSL, most finished in the top 5. Just take a look at these statistics of where FC Heat Elite teams finished…
First Place Champions – 7 Heat teams
Second Place Runners-up – 9 Heat teams
Third Place – 5 Heat teams
Fourth Place – 7 Heat teams
Fifth Place – 5 Heat teams
CHAMPIONS – B2007, Bryan Wilkes – B2004 Black, Bryan Wilkes – B2004 Blue, Jimmy Fernandez – B2003 Black, Bryan Wilkes – B2001 Blue, Steve Yorke – G2006 Black, Don Meyers – G2006 Blue, Marcelo Marino
RUNNERS-UP – B2008 Black, Sebastian Oros – B2007 White, Julio Alfaro – B2006 White, Julio Alfaro – B2004, Jorge Velazquez – B2004 Green, Martin Lopez – B2004 White, James Griffen – B2003 Blue, Martin Lopez/Franki Cira – G2008, James Griffen – G2007 Blue, Brian Blake 
80% of our competitive teams finished in one of the top five places of every division, which is a great achievement in itself.
On the tournament front, the same teams have placed in 104 finals, winning 61 Championships with 41 Runners-up medals, which is a new record for the club and remember, the year is not over.
Bryan Wilkes with his B2007 team back in June proudly wearing pink. Bryan’s three teams were champions in all of their respective divisions this season.
Our B2001 Blue team coached by Steve Yorke were Runners-up in the Las Vegas Thanksgiving National Tournament this month.
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Good luck both to our competitive teams taking part in the Presidio Cup this weekend and to our All-Star teams, who play in the La Jolla All-Star Tournament and the Commissioners Cup.  If you have the time, please go out there and support them.
All-Star Tournament Dates:

La Jolla All Star Tournament – Dec 3rd – 4th
Scripps Ranch All-Star Tournament  – Dec 17th – 18th
New Year’s Kick Off  – Jan 7th – 8th
All-Star Teams and Coaches:
BU8 Blue – Leo Escobedo
BU8 White – Paulo Espinoza
BU8 Black – Greg Boskin
BU10 Blue – Frankie Cira
BU12 Blue – Pedro Aguirre
BU14 Blue – Bernardo Rosales
BU14 White – Paul Van Es
GU8 Blue – James Griffen
GU10 Blue – David Bonds
GU12 Blue – Massimo Breda
GU14 Blue – Memo Aguilar
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Our AGM meeting is next month on December 7th at 8 pm at the Boys & Girls Club on Woodward in Escondido. If anyone is interested in a Board position please attend.
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Spring soccer walk up registration is from 11 am – 22 pm on 12/3/16 at Ryan Park – see flyer below. Boy, time is flying but we must start preparing now for upcoming events in the distant future!
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Our End of Season Party will take place in mid-January. This is where we will find out who our players voted for as most influential player on their team. We will find out who the coaches picked as Footballer of the Year. And Goalkeepers of the Year will be announced (goalkeepers both younger and older, girls and boys, who had the least goals scored on them in regular season play). We will also find out who the people voted for, for Recreational Coach of the Year, Competitive Coach of the Year, Volunteer of the Year and Team Manager of the Year.
This is always a fun time where we have fund-raising booths of all different types of food and beverages (participating teams keep the money). We usually have a coaches v. kids game and lots of music and fun. This year the party will be on Saturday instead of a Friday night, this way many of our high-school players will be able to attend.
For those few teams that cannot attend due to tournament commitments, they will have a private get-together for their award presentations. Unfortunately, this was the only Saturday available for this event.

As mentioned above, our competitive season has been a huge success as far as team placement within their divisions. This mostly is due to great coaching and team management. However, this is the time of the year when we look to improve upon and to evaluate our performance in more detail. 
The coaching of competitive teams is certainly one of our major areas that we need to keep strong. In order to do this we ask for parents to truly and fairly evaluate their coaches performance for the year. Our goal is always player development within all areas of the game and in life in general.
It would be wrong for me to say that the coaching season has been plain sailing and that we haven’t had many problems. I have had to deal with certain team problems during the season, where some parents were unhappy at the progress of their team and/or their children. But we take every complaint seriously and listen to all sides of the story before any decisions are made.
Having said all that, I am extremely happy with how much work our coaches have put in this year, especially working with their own teams, volunteering and cover working for each other. In fact this has been one of the better years as far as complaints and problems were concerned, and of course the results speak for themselves.
Now is the time for all parents to voice their opinion. This is done through our Website and the results are tallied by the Director of Coaching and the Director of Competitive. Every parents name and personal details remain confidential and are omitted, but parents comments and feelings are relayed on to their coach in the form of a list. We have a very transparent process and feel that coaches need to hear comments good, bad or indifferent in order to improve.
To evaluate your coach please click on the link below or go to our Website and complete the coaches evaluation form from there.
December is also the time when we vote for who we think should be Competitive Coach of the Year. Everyone has a vote here and voting will continue until the end of the month. Only one vote per e-mail address please. Coaches can vote for each other but not themselves. Our Recreational Coach of the Year has already been voted on and decided upon.
A good review (evaluation) also counts as one vote and a poor review discounts one vote. Hours coaches have volunteered are considered as is the success of their team and the dedication to their job in helping others.
To vote for your choice for Competitive Coach of the Year, either click on the link below or go to our Website and complete the voting form from there.
Our voting for Manager of the Year and Volunteer of the Year will commence in early January. This will appear on next month’s newsletter. This is also a time for us as a club, to thank all volunteers, young players like Bo Sparks and Cole Carter who donated their time every week to teach our recreational goalkeepers. Volunteers are the glue that keeps our organization together, while working for each other.
By-the-way, you will have to attend the End of Season Party in order to see who the winners are.

This months nutritional tips : –
During our 2016 season we contracted with Rehab United to work with our players and their families on a number of subjects, including; fitness, speed, agility, strength training, flexibility, injury prevention and nutrition.
We wanted to know how our players and their families rated these clinics, and if the provided information was beneficial to you as the team coach, manager and parent, and if it made a difference to your team.
Here are the results rounded to the nearest percentage point…
1.   How did your players like the Rehab clinics?
Excellent=57% – Good=23% – Average=17% – Poor or Very Poor=Less than 3%
2.  As a coach/manager do you think your players benefited from taking part in the Rehab clinics?
Excellent=63% – Good=27% – Average=0% – Poor or Very Poor=Less than 10%
3.  In your opinion were the clinics taught by experienced, educated experts?
Excellent=80% – Good=10% – Average=0% – Poor or Very Poor=10%
4.  Were the clinics well organized?
Excellent=63% – Good=27% – Average=0% – Poor or Very Poor= Less than 10%
5. Did the nutritional education help you and your families?
Excellent=53% – Good=27% – Average=10% – Poor or Very Poor=Less than 10%
6. Would you like to see the Rehab clinics continue in the future as a part of Heat training/practices as a continuous program?
Excellent=70% – Good=10% – Average=10% – Poor or Very Poor=10%
7.  What did you think about the injury screening?
Excellent=70% – Good=7% – Average=20% – Poor or Very Poor=3%
I think that one of the most common comments we heard from coaches and parents was that the clinics should have started prior to us returning to Ryan Park, possibly at one of our school locations just after tryouts. The other concern was that these sessions would be a much better addition had they been scheduled on non-regular-practice days. But, all in all, it is obvious that most people really thought the Rehab Clinics most beneficial.

Please be advised that Ryan Park will now only be closed for wet weather to protect the fields or when it is closed by the city.
Our high school soccer players have now ceased to practice with Heat, which has left some space on the fields for our All-Star teams. Field allocations have been announced. If you are coaching please steer clear of all goal 6-yard-boxes. Also, please be helpful and courteous to all coaches, teams, managers and parents when sharing field space.
On practice nights, practice finishes promptly at 8 pm and lights go out at 8.15 pm. This is when gates get locked, so please make sure your child is picked up prior to 8.15 pm as coaches and directors stay behind until every child has a ride – This is an important safety and courtesy issue, so please pick your child up on time – Thank You.
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