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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and





‘Academy,’ ‘Development,’ and other buzz words in soccer


Today there are so many different soccer leagues in which our teams can play, but years ago the only truly competitive one in our area was the Presidio Soccer League. As clubs were growing and the smaller clubs were getting eaten up by the much bigger clubs, other leagues and divisions were formed, like the Coastal Soccer League, the Southern California Developmental Soccer League and the San Diego Developmental Academy and so on and so forth.


The operative word behind many of those leagues and divisions was and still is ‘Development’ or ‘Developmental’. This became the dominant buzz word of the time a couple of years ago, and as soon as parents and players saw a team or league that contained that word in the title, they were naturally drawn to it. Let’s face it, every parent wishes for their child to develop within the game of soccer. Indeed many clubs like ours truly make player development the main goal behind what we do and what we stand for.


Governing bodies and leading organizations were quick to notice this phenomenon and therefore catered to the greater interests. Before long, many clubs and organizations used this operative buzz word in their clubs and teams advertising in order to draw in more clients. Obviously like any business, more clients = more money.


The latest buzz word or the favorite flavor of the year so to speak is the word ‘Academy’ (and God forbid if ever those two words were to be put together because it would cause a stampede to get through the gates). Well it has happened, and many clubs and organizations are utilizing ‘Developmental devacadAcademy’ in nearly everything they advertise, and of course, as predicted, the customers are incoming and running.


Like anything though, there are true statements and false statements. You only have to look at the buzz words for ‘College Recruitment’ to understand that. I can’t wait for the ‘College Recruitment Developmental Academy’ to be announced. Wow, now there’s a good idea!


All kidding aside, many parents when searching for a higher level soccer team or club tend to be drawn like a magnet to these operative buzz words, and they think that when their children are nearing the college entry age, then these are the teams to play for. For $3,500 a year, the brochure says, my son or daughter will be paraded in front of all these eager college coaches on a regular basis, almost guaranteeing a full-ride scholarship regardless of their academic abilities. Much of this propaganda fools parents into thinking that a future of playing soccer is already and waiting for their child, if only they can be chosen on this latest Academy team or teams.


Nothing is further from the truth.


Not long ago, our main governing body US Soccer, put together the US SOCCER DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY. These are true Academy Teams run by a full staff and two A – licensed coaches who work with the players on very structured practice sessions at least four times per week, ten months a year. These lesson plans have to be logged and get reviewed, along with the running of the academy by US Soccer twice annually. For players who are chosen, there are certain set rules that they must adhere to, such as not playing any other sports, not playing soccer for school teams and/or for any other clubs or teams etc.


These Academy teams play each other in showcase type events and tournaments across the country. The purpose behind this Academy League is so that the better players from different areas will develop faster by playing at a higher level. This is a proven fact. Better coaching and better competition = improved development of the player. This gives US Soccer a stage in which to look at the cream of the crop, so that we as a nation can develop teams and players much quicker. It all makes sense.


For more information on True Academies you can go to US SOCCER DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY or click here

You can also read what is expected of the player when signing for an Academy Team by clicking here


There are very few clubs qualified to carry these US Soccer Academy Teams. Again they are continually audited by US Soccer to make sure they are living up to the set standards and playing by the rules. There are many clubs, such as ours, who do not have US Soccer Academy Teams, so why would we try to use these words in order to falsely advertise and to convince parents to come to us? We don’t and we would not, but many clubs do and this is where it gets a little frustrating.


This is where parents have to do their own research and due diligence, because there are no rules regarding any club advertising the fact that they have ‘Developmental Academy Teams,’ but they may not be the real thing (sponsored by US Soccer). Also, there are some clubs who do indeed carry US Soccer sponsored Academy Teams, that then build other teams under that title. This is allowed by US Soccer so that these teams can carry what is termed as ‘Bubble-Players’ or ‘Fringe-Players’.


A bubble-player or fringe-player is a player who is not on the true academy team or roster, but is very close. Sometimes some of these players get promoted to the A – Academy team. But many times they just remain with the B or C – Academy team without ever getting near to the A team.


What saddens me most, is the fact that many clubs are using this structure to entice all age groups to their club in order to fill all of their other teams’ rosters. Parents should be aware of this. Some coaches even use their players, who are already committed to the academy program in one capacity or another, to pull in their friends from school and/or from previous clubs in order to fill their team’s roster numbers. The money that these players bring into the academy club help finance the higher level teams and their coaches and directors. This is one of the main areas where we at FC Heat lose many of our players to these academy clubs. Players who have played most of their lives with FC Heat are being enticed away because they have developed well under our program, and have gotten noticed. If they do make it of course, the new academy club will take credit for that. If they don’t make it, they just become another valuable, financially able ‘bubble or fringe player.’


Please understand I always tell my players that if their child is chosen by some higher level team or true entity to further their development in the game, I would drive them there myself. If they are indeed chosen, I then feel that we have done our job by getting our players to that higher standard.


A couple of years ago when SDSC had acquired the rights to run a US Soccer Academy team in the U12 age group, I got a call from Brian Quinn, their DOC asking if we had any players that would make this grade and if so, would like to try out? He knew that I knew that we would lose those players if selected, but he also knew that we would definitely send them if they were qualified. It is our duty as coaches and directors to send those players to better opportunities should they arise. Brian Quinn was up front with us and totally ethical with his actions – this is how it was designed to work and supposed to be carried out.


On the other hand, I just do not like losing players to the unscrupulous and unethical actions of coaches and clubs who use the word academy for their own financial gain, and to pull in peripheral, so-called bubble or fringe players that those coaches know will never make that A – grade. Every year the A – Academy Team have more high-level applicants which tends to push many of the bubble players further down the list.


One of my coaches who was at a tournament last weekend, and who has a daughter who plays for his team (she is an excellent player), got approached by the coach of the opposing team after the game. He gave my coach a business card and asked if he would bring his daughter to play for him.


“Why?” My coach asked.

“Well our club has better opportunities and more academy teams,” he said, “besides this is how we recruit better players and have better teams.”


These actions and the sheer arrogance and audacity of this coach, who was representing his club and organization, shock and sadden me, because this is not how youth soccer in this country was designed to work.


You as a parent should be aware of the unscrupulous and unethical ways in which some clubs, coaches and representatives try to recruit your child. You have to ask pertinent questions, do your research and make sure that you understand what it is you are getting involved in before you commit. Find out your costs and obligations before signing any contracts for any academy club. Don’t get sweet-talked and think you have made the A – team roster when you are going to be a ‘long term outside bubble-player’ during your most important years before college. If your questions are answered truthfully and you have made the A – Team, then I totally understand and support your decision – that is a different story. But, as a parent, the main question to ask yourself or your child is this:

Would my son or daughter be better off and happier playing in the strong team they are currently in, while still getting exposed in showcase events and tournaments, or is it best that they play in a B or C team elsewhere for a much higher cost?


Fueled by hope, many times parents make the incorrect decision to go. Generally these disappointed players and their parents usually come back to the Home Town Club where, just like the Mom and Pop restaurant at the end of the street, quality is much better than quantity, pricing is fair, and service is delivered rather than promised.









To register on-line please click here – please note that a $10 late fee will apply


*          *          *




Currently we are fielding 44 Competitive teams for the 2017/2018 season in various age groups both boys and girls. Some teams still need a few experienced players, so if you know of anyone who loves the sport and has the skill to play competitive soccer, please contact the coaches below:


Girls born in 2008, please contact Daniel Barbosa

Boys born in 2008 and 2002, please contact Alvaro Melgoza

Boys born in 2001, please contact Albert Naverrete

Central Defender born in 2000, please contact  

Roger Rolim de Moura



*          *          *




For those of you who attended the College Financial Aid Workshop eight weeks ago, I promised you that I would keep you updated on our progress as a family as we move forward with our college planning for both of my 16 year-old’s.


Well since that night we have been working closely with Sylvia at Ducerus, and have changed a few things in our lives to accommodate the necessary steps  to put us in a good position for our application process for college next year.


My son is working on a regular basis as an intern at Palomar Hospital. He has signed up for an online math calculus class, which he started this last week.

My daughter is attending many functions in LA to do with her selected profession. She has been referred by Sylvia to two professionals in the same industry in order to gain more information and insight.

She has volunteered her time as a mentor, one day a week, to give back to the same film school that gave her the opportunity during the summer of last year.

They are both practicing writing college entry essays, which are then edited by one of Sylvia’s qualified assistants.

Both are taking part in daily online classes to improve their SAT and ACT scores. They are taking the examinations any time they become available, and both of their scores have increased.

Both are working diligently in looking at colleges in their intended subjects and majors and are being assisted by Sylvia regarding the pros and cons and costs associated with these.

As a father, I have now employed both of my children to help me part-time in my contracting business, and for this they will get paid.


This is a very in-depth program that we as a family have to take part in. Summer is not summer any more for these kids, especially as they edge closer to college. We know approximately what college will cost us at this point, and we are formulating a plan in which we all can contribute to that cost.


As things progress I will keep you informed.


Ducerus has kindly contributed $500 to one of our teams for the 2017 season – for this we are truly grateful.



*          *          *




Almost 2 years ago while playing in a game during the Dave Shelton Memorial Cup tournament, young Danny Smuts suffered a spinal stroke paralyzing him from the waste down. Since that time, as we all knew he would, he has carved out a life befitting of his efforts. Danny now is spending much of his time public speaking, playing wheelchair basketball and making a name for himself on wheelchair track. In fact there is a great possibility that Danny will get a full-ride scholarship to college due to his skill and tenacity on the basketball court.


The movie ‘Life Rolls On,’ about Danny and his recovery is still making its rounds on the movie circuit and just last week got featured in its seventeenth film festival. The movie is travelling the world and helping people from all walks of life.


Reagan Yorke, the movie maker, is now mentoring at Reel Voices, the film studio who gave her her start. She is currently working with a high school girl who lost her mother and sister in an automobile accident a short time back, and wants to tell the story in a movie.


You can see ‘Life Rolls On’ by clicking here.



*          *          *




The ‘break-out line’ is a line now used in between the half-way line and the goal line on both ends of the field. This will be used for off-sides instead of the half-way line and for other uses to enable players to have more touches on the ball. For an in depth explanation of the break-out line you can watch a short 4 minute video here.



*          *          *










G2009 – Coach James Griffen – Liverpool Cup Finalists



G2007 Blue – Coach Brian Blake – Real Madrid Finalists



G2003 Black – Coach Brian Blake – Southwestern Cup Finalists



B2010 – Coach Paulo Espinoza – Kickn’it Champions



B2007 White – Coach Julio Alfaro – Charity Cup Champions



B2007 Blue – Coach Franki Cira – Pegasus Cup Finalists


B2006 Black – Coach Jimmy Fernandez – Pegasus Cup Champions



B2005 White – Coach Carlos Hernandez – Pegasus Cup Champions



B2010 – Coach Paulo Espinoza – Premier Soccer Finalists



B2004 Black – Coach Bryan Wilkes – Kickn’it Finalists



B2004 White – Coach James Griffen – Real Madrid Champions



B2004 Green – Coach Martin Lopez – Pegasus Cup Finalists



B2003 Black – Coach Leo Escobedo – Kickn’it Champs



B2001 Black – Coach Denis Sweeney – Pegasus Cup Champions



B2002 – Coach Martin Lopez – Copa Del Rey Champions



B2002 Blue – Coaches Steve Yorke/Arturo Duarte – Rebels Cup Champions



B2000 Blue – Coach Roger Rolim de Moura – Real Madrid Finalists



B2004 Black – Coach Bryan Wilkes – The Power of Pink Award, Kickn’it Tournament






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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and






Our FC Heat Elite teams were off to a flying start to open our 2017 tournament season with wins and second place achievements at numerous venues.rob


To date this year we have 12 Championships and 5 Runners-Up, not to mention that one of those Championships is the Presidents State Cup won by Rob Parker’s G1999 Blue team. Our youngest boys team, Paulo Espinoza’s B2010 Blue team bought home the Memorial Day Super Cup, which just demonstrates our consistency from young to old, and both boys and girls.

I attended the State Cup end-of-season party that Rob Parker organized to thank his girls for a wonderful season.


Rob did a great job recognizing each of his players and thanking them for such a great contribution especially during their State Cup campaign. 


He presented each of his girls with a red rose to mark the occasion.




Currently we are fielding 44 Competitive teams for the 2017/2018 season in various age groups both boys and girls. Some teams still need a few experienced players, so if you know of anyone who loves the sport and has the skill to play competitive soccer, please contact the coaches below:


Girls born in 2008, please contact Daniel Barbosa

Boys born in 2008 and 2002, please contact Alvaro Melgoza

Boys born in 2001, please contact Albert Naverrete

Central Defender born in 2000, please contact 

Roger Rolim de Moura



*        *        *

Our inaugural free College Workshop was an instant success with over 40 people attending. The workshop covered mainly the financial aspects of the college application, and ways in which to lawfully take advantage of the rules and regulations that apply.


The class was taught by Sylvia Caruthers of Ducerus who has an excellent staff especially when you consider their background. Indeed one of her assistants spent many years working for the IRS, which is why Sylvia is so well versed with the meticulous way in which applications have to be completed in order to gain an advantage for your student. Not to mention the ways and means in which a family can and is expected to pay.


The workshop audience consisted of many people from different walks of life, from professionals to blue collar workers and their children.


This was not a workshop about scholarships and how to get one, but more of a grass roots type seminar that spoke the truth about such vehicles, which in turn opened the eyes of many attendees.


It became obvious after just a few minutes that academics are the most important aspect when a student is applying for college, whether they are able to get a scholarship or not. If a player is chosen by a college for their talent in soccer, they will not be playing at all if their GPA is not within the required parameters.


Follow me and my family on our journey as we attempt to put our children into the college of their choice. We have taken advantage of the free consultation with Sylvia, who advised us to make some changes in the way we plan for this journey.


The next installment on this will be in the July Newsletter.


*        *        *


Recreational Fall Soccer Tryouts  are upon us once again as we prepare for the upcoming season. Recreational soccer, for those who don’t know, is a way in which to introduce your child to this wonderful sport which promotes health, fitness and sportsmanship in a happy and fun environment. Often it is this first step into the sport that excites our players and instills within them a passion and yearning to take the game further. This is where we all start, players and coaches together with the support of parents and families.


Sign up online for Fall Recreation soccer HERE 


Walk-up registrations:


June 10, 2017 – 9am – 2 pm at Kit Carson Park

June 24, 2017 – 9am – 2 pm at Kit Carson Park

June 26, 2017 – 6 pm – 7.30 pm at Kit Carson Park


Last walk-up will be June 27th, 2017 – 6 pm – 7.30 pm at Kit Carson Park


Interested in coaching? All coaches are volunteers and we can always use the help. Please email Jessica Escobedo if you’re interested in coaching at




*        *        *


This season CONCUSSION AWARENESS is going to play a big part in the way we treat on field injuries, especially blows to the head and neck. Every player, parent, coach and manager should be made aware of the consequences involved when it comes to these type of injuries.


Our governing body CalSouth has made it mandatory for every parent who has a child playing soccer in California to acknowledge and sign that they thoroughly understand the subject of CONCUSSION.


Please click here for more information and to go through the process.


*        *        *







G2008 White – Coach Daniel Barbosa – Oceanside Beach Runners-Up


G2004 Blue – Coach Juan Ochoa – Oceanside Beach Champions


B2008 Blue – Coach Franki Cira – San Diego Beach Champions


B2006 Black – Coach Jimmy Fernandez – Oceanside Beach Champions


B2010 Blue – Coach Paulo Espinoza – Memorial Day Super Cup Champs


B2008 Black – Coach Sebastian Oros – Oceanside Beach Runners-Up


B2007 – Coach Bryan Wilkes – Oceanside Beach Champions


B2005 White – Coach Carlos Hernandez – Oceanside Beach Champions


B2005 Blue – Coach Sebastian Oros – Oceanside Beach Runners-Up


B2004 Blue – Coach Jimmy Fernandez – Manchester City Cup Champions


B2004 Black – Coach Bryan Wilkes – Oceanside Beach Champions


B2002 Blue – Coach Cesar Caro Avila – Oceanside Beach Runners-Up

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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and








Our FC Heat Elite Girls 1999 Blue team became STATE CUP CHAMPIONS on April 9th at Galway Downs in Temecula, winning in extra-time against a Temecula Surf team 3-1. The girls, coached by Rob Parker have played well all season, finishing 3rd in SDDA Flight 2. Most of these girls have been with FC Heat since they were very young and this win has capped off a great finish to their club journey as for some of these girls, 2017 could well be their last year playing club. But what a way to finish!


After talking to Rob Parker who was ecstatic after the win, he said, First and Foremost, I would like to thank those of Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat Elite for their support on our journey to become State Cup Champions. The girls of the G1999 team and I were honored to represent Escondido Soccer Club as well as our SDDA League to show that we are as competitive as any other club and league out there.”


He told me that the girls were mentally ready for this game and they knew what they had to do in order to win. The game was very physical but our girls kept their composure, making effective passes after winning the first and second balls. Emily Ketring opened the scoring in the 32nd minute with a well taken goal. We were still leading at the half, but half way through the second-half Surf scored and then we played for about 10 – 15 minutes in a panic. Goalkeeper Jasmine Takacs was the saving grace during this period, doing everything she could to keep her team in the game. It remained tied into the final whistle. I noticed the girls’ body language when re-entering the field had changed for the better and realized that this could be the turning point in the game. I asked Rob what he said to the girls in the huddle to ready them for the extra half-hour of overtime.


“Well this was my proud coaching moment,” he said, “These girls came in exhausted, but I told them that they had worked too hard and long to end up in second place and that they all had to dig in and finish this game strong.”


Well that is exactly what happened. It became obvious that this was a totally different team that left the field at full-time. They came out and won every 50/50 ball. Marissa McInery took advantage of a breakdown in the Surf defense and blasted in the go ahead goal, then a short time later again Emily Ketring sealed the deal with a well taken shot in the corner of their net.


“A great 3-1 win,” said Rob, “Great competition, great memories and a great moment in time for the G1999 girls and for Escondido Soccer Club.”


Well done girls and Rob, we are really proud of you!






Having two 16-year old children, my family and I have been doing the rounds of seminars and on-line informational courses to gain knowledge as we move into this next phase of our lives.

Needless to say, we have walked away from many of these presentations, scratching our heads with our mouths wide open in disbelief at the sheer mass of confusing information thrown at us.


This last month we decided to tackle the financial aspect of helping our kids through college, which is even more confusing. Coming from a working class family in a different country, I honestly never thought that attending college would be so expensive and the preparation so time consuming and in depth.grab_cap


Of course we are all hoping for that chance of a FULL SCHOLARSHIP right? Well don’t be fooled, especially when it comes to sports and soccer in particular.


It is my personal goal as Director of Coaching and Communications to tell you the truth as my family and I experience it, and have you learn from the information or lack thereof that we as a family receive. In short, we are going to become your guinea pigs, so you can learn from both our successes and our mistakes or failures.


The majority of members of our club are very much like us, we didn’t grow up rich, we come from a working class background, we don’t have a million dollars in the bank, and our kids are smarter than us. We also realize that both of our children need be given an opportunity to further their education towards a secure future. Let’s face it, a college graduate is going to make money and a life using their heads instead of their hands like we did, and we have a duty to give them that chance. It just so happens that we have two children entering college at the same time. Phew, please give me  strength!


So, having said that, when you read these articles in the next few months, please understand that I am telling you the truth the way I perceive it for my family. You all know me by now and know that I am not going to mince my words in order to partner up with someone to sell you a product or to guide you to some other organization. If it works for me, I’ll tell you and if it doesn’t, again I’ll let you know.


One thing is for sure, most of you are like us and we all need this type of help and information like yesterday, especially if you are one, two or even three years away from your kids leaving high school.



Around 2 to 3 years away from college is when you really should start this process, we have started just 1 year away from college.


So I stumbled across a seminar given at the San Marcos Library last month, which was titled:

‘College for Free (or almost free)!’ (I actually remembered putting this out to all our coaches and managers). Yeah, I thought, as I arrived at the library. What am I going to learn from this? It has to be sales right? – WRONG!




The front row was filled with school teachers, and our instructor Sylvia Caruthers came across more of a mother of a student rather than a sales person. And a sales person she is not. She never tried to sell us anything or even talked about what she offered unless asked. She has a student in college and she would rather attend to her chickens than be in a teaching environment. But the amount of QUALITY information she gave us was a breath of fresh air in a foggy world. The school teachers were there in order to help their college bound students, and the other people I sat with were as equally impressed as we were. In fact, I felt that everyone left that workshop with some sort of a game plan.


To cut a long story short, I stayed behind to talk to Sylvia (this was the first time we had met), and I asked if she would be interested in doing at least one seminar or even a series of seminars to help educate our club members. She agreed and so I am trying to arrange our fist seminar on the following points…


If you’re the parent of a high school student who’s planning on attending a four-year state university or private college, you must attend this FREE workshop….

Come learn the insiders’ secrets and strategies to send your child to schools you never thought you could afford…and get them working on college now, instead of playing video games or taking another beach day!

Regardless of how much money you make, how much money you have or what you own, or even how good of a student you have.

This fast-paced, 75 minute informative workshop will educate you about all areas of planning and paying for college. The class is strictly informational and nothing is for sale.

During this class, here is just a fraction of what you will learn:

·  How you can get need-based scholarships and grants even if your family makes a six-figure income.

·  How to avoid the single biggest mistake 73 percent of parents make when applying for scholarships-a mistake that costs them thousands of dollars in lost aid.

·  What the SAT and ACT are really used for….and how doing well on them can save your family $100,000 per student!

·  How to understand the complicated formulas colleges used to determine your family’s financial contribution and how to plan ahead so that your cost is as low as legally possible.

·  What to do if you haven’t saved a single dime for school (ooops! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We will discuss exactly how to fix it.)

·  How to avoid falling for the 5 biggest myths about financial aid that most parents believe, that forces them to go deeply in debt when they don’t have to….and in some cases ruins their retirement.

·  Three questions you MUST ask any school your child plans to attend…. before they even apply.

·  How 529’s and college savings plans can cost you ten times more than what they save, and what to do if you have one of these ticking time bombs!


This class is being taught by Sylvia Caruthers of Ducerus: Your Total College Solution, and a financial aid expert who has helped families save hundreds of thousands of dollars on the cost of attending their top university.

The event is free, but seating is limited by the size of the room, so be sure to reserve your seat now. Both parent and student are encouraged to attend and we would greatly appreciate it if you invite other families you know to attend as well. We welcome everyone as long as we have the space, and we know they will thank you too.

As mentioned previously, nothing is for sale, and no products will be discussed.


The workshop will be on Thursday, May 18th at 6.30 pm at the Boys & Girls Club at 115 Woodward Avenue in Escondido. You need to register here attend. This will be on a first come, first served basis until registration if full.






Older Tryouts have now been completed and we have formed 44 Competitive teams. Numbers were very good since word is now out that FC Heat Elite are a force to be reckoned with in the youth soccer world. Many of our teams are moving into higher divisions this year as 16 of our teams either won their divisions or were a close second. It seems we are climbing mountains quickly while establishing our footholds and heading higher.


fc_heatOur new registration process is now in force which is a learning process for all of us. It is working relatively smoothly compared to previous years. Parents are now billed through the system and coaches and managers will be able to gauge the financial stability of their teams. This allows managers extra time to assist parents and to carry out other duties that may have previously been overlooked and it also gives coaches more time to do what they do best. If you are not completely registered on-line and have all your paperwork in then you do not have a spot on the team roster until it is.  It is also important to note that player cards will only be issued to players in good financial standing who are successfully registered.


One other thing to note with the registration system we are using, is that for college age players there is a question asked about whether you would be interested in information regarding college recruitment. We have found that if you answered ‘yes’ to that question then you will be called by a company canvassing for clients to represent. There obviously would be a cost involved if you do indeed follow up with the company that calls you. We have not recommended them and have not partnered with them, and they have not returned our request for information regarding their costs. They are very persistent and will call and text and e-mail you, so you must do your own due diligence if you do indeed follow through with these guys. I declined to use them for my son.


If anyone missed uniform sizing you will need to contact Tracy Wright at to arrange a time or to give her the sizes you need.  This is for players that missed sizing or any new additional registered players.


A couple of our teams are looking for some experienced players both in the younger age groups and the older age groups.


B2005 Blue team – looking for 2 experienced players contact Sebastian Oros here.


B2001 White team – looking for 6 experienced players contact Albert Navarrete here.


This year we have made extra efforts to work with other clubs to get better deals on tournaments. Paulo Espinoza, one of our Heat coaches, has reached out to many clubs who are willing to work with us. Periodically, coaches and managers will receive e-mails either from me or Paulo to give you information on upcoming tournaments with lower costs – this will be on a first come, first served basis unless we can get better options on the amount of teams we can send. So please keep an eye on your email box and make sure it doesn’t go to junk.




We are proud to announce that FC Heat Elite, Escondido Soccer Club and SKLZ have now joined hands.


SKLZ is an elite innovative training equipment brand, and their training tools are being used by some of the most prestigious teams/clubs in the world. Their equipment is durable, authentic to the game and results oriented that will help prepare your athletes for the pitch.


Through our partnership, our COACHES are entitled to a constant 30% discount on all their equipment as well as being entitled to some exclusive promotions. Please see full catalog and our exclusive price guide available from Jake. (FYI, current promotion 50% discount on Pro Goals & Superlite).


To take advantage of these discounts and to place orders, and/or to ask questions, please contact our SKLZ representative below:


SKLZ has also opened a unique store for our parents and families who wish to participate in other great equipment savings too – Press for store


 Jake Santora







Online registration is now OPEN.


Register here:


Next walk up registrations:


Walk-Up Registration:


4/30/2017 at 11 am – 2 pm at Ryan Park

5/7/2017 at 11 am – 2 pm at Ryan Park

5/21/2017 at 10 am – 4 pm at the Escondido Street Faire on Grand Avenue


Looking for volunteer coaches for the Fall Recreational season. Please contact Jessica Escobedo @


See flyer for more walk up registration dates, player evaluations, prices and our FREE Recreational Camp in June.








FC Heat Elite is definitely seeing more air time and media exposure since our teams have been performing so well. This last month we had an interview published in SOCCERNATION about the success and goals we collectively have as a youth soccer club. To read the interviews, part 1 and part 2 please use the links below:






The article below is a great eye opener for HYDRATION and NUTRITION for the soccer player, I read this in this weeks edition of GOALNATION. Use the link below:


HYDRATION and NUTRITIONAL advice for soccer players


Ryan Park will now be closed from May 8, 2017 until August (date to be decided) 2017 for recovery and maintenance. When we return we will have nice, flat, green fields on which to play on.

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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and

Our younger tryouts had to be rescheduled from last week until this coming week due to rain.
Although Ryan Park drains off water real well, it has really suffered this winter with the rain causing flooding on most of the fields. We were supposed to host State Cup this coming weekend, but it was canceled for this very reason. Hopefully, with no more rain in the forecast for the coming week or so, we should be okay for tryouts.
All players 2003 and younger have to attend tryouts in order to be considered for selection on one of our teams for 2017. With the great success FC Heat Elite has achieved last season, we expect there to be a lot of players trying out in these younger age groups. And in addition, we certainly welcome all of our Recreational and All-Stars players to attend these tryouts.
This is the tentative list of coaches and teams for younger tryouts, which lists the teams in order of hierarchy (in brackets, A, B etc.) – teams and coaches can change depending on the amount of players showing up at tryouts.
Coaches of the A team will have 48 hours with the list of players in order to select their team, then the list of players will get passed on to the next team in order (B). Coaches will only have priority selection only if their current players attend tryouts, if their players do not attend, then the next team will have priority selection.
As always, players and parents will have the first right of refusal, to play or not to play for that particular team, but a place cannot be guaranteed on another team should they choose not to accept that initial place offering.
Based on the numbers at tryouts we can and will add coaches and teams where needed, but only if the higher numbers call for this to happen.
(A)B2010 (NEW) Paulo Espinoza
(A)B2008 Blue Frankie Cira
(B)B2008 Black Sebastian Oros
(A)B2007 Bryan Wilkes
(B)B2007 White Julio Alfaro
(C)B2007 Blue Frankie Cira
(A)B2006 Blue Jamie Juarez/Martin Lopez
(C)B2006 Black Jimmy Fernandez
(B)B2006 White Julio Alfaro
(B)B2005 Blue Sebastian Oros
(A)B2005 Black Robert Jeffers
(B)B2004 Jorge Velazquez
(A)B2004 Blue Jimmy Fernandez
(D)B2004 Black Bryan Wilkes
(C)B2004 White James Griffen
(E)B2004 Green Jamie Juarez/Martin Lopez
(A)B2003 Blue Martin Lopez
(B)B2003 Black Bryan Wilkes/Kim Plavan
(A)G2009 (NEW)
(A)G2008 James Griffen
(A)G2007 Blue Brian Blake/Don Meyers/Dan B
(A)G2006 Blue Marcelo Marino/Humberto
(B)G2006 Black Don Meyers/Brian Blake/Bill D
(A)G2005 Hector Hernandez
(A)G2004 Blue Juan Ochoa
(A)G2003 Black Brian Blake
(B)G2003 Blue Hector Ochoa
(C)G2003 White Jamie Hernandez
To read our Competitive Brochure in English – click here
To read our Competitive Brochure in Spanish – click here
The snack bar will be open during tryouts this year, so come and get your hot chocolate and coffee to help you stay warm while the little ones run around.
We will be having a Registration Night & Uniform Fitting on the following dates, location still to be decided and announced:
2/13/17 – B/G 2009-2007
2/14/17 – B/G 2006-2005
2/15/17 – B/G 2004-2003
2/16/17 – Make-ups for all younger divisions
See new flyer below with new tryout dates…

*     *     *
Spring Soccer League will start on February 12, 2017.
Online registration is still open, click below:
For you volunteer coaches who would like to join in, we are in need of:
1 GU12 Coach
1 BU8 Coach
1 GU8 Coach
Contact Maria Rosales if interested.

The 2017 tournament season seems to have started early this year and one of our girls teams are the very first to open their account with a Championship. Congratulations to Juan Ochoa and his G2004 Blue team who became The Carlsbad Premier Cup Champions – Well done coach and ladies!

Ryan Park will only be open for Tryouts next week, but will be closed until further notice following those tryouts – please keep informed by going to our Website for the latest news.
*          *          *
Nutrition News will appear again in the March edition of our newsletter.
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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and

Due to rain and the forecast of thunder and lightning our Younger Tryouts have been moved to the following week!
Sorry for any inconvenience but this is for the safety of our players – thank you
In case of rain again, please keep checking with our Website

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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and

The 2016 Presidio and SDDA seasons were a great success for our competitive teams who really made a statement across the board this year. 7 Heat teams became champions and another 9 Heat teams were runners-up.
Of our 41 teams that competed in all Presidio divisions, SDDA 1 & 2 divisions, and CSL, most finished in the top 5. Just take a look at these statistics of where FC Heat Elite teams finished…
First Place Champions – 7 Heat teams
Second Place Runners-up – 9 Heat teams
Third Place – 5 Heat teams
Fourth Place – 7 Heat teams
Fifth Place – 5 Heat teams
CHAMPIONS – B2007, Bryan Wilkes – B2004 Black, Bryan Wilkes – B2004 Blue, Jimmy Fernandez – B2003 Black, Bryan Wilkes – B2001 Blue, Steve Yorke – G2006 Black, Don Meyers – G2006 Blue, Marcelo Marino
RUNNERS-UP – B2008 Black, Sebastian Oros – B2007 White, Julio Alfaro – B2006 White, Julio Alfaro – B2004, Jorge Velazquez – B2004 Green, Martin Lopez – B2004 White, James Griffen – B2003 Blue, Martin Lopez/Franki Cira – G2008, James Griffen – G2007 Blue, Brian Blake 
80% of our competitive teams finished in one of the top five places of every division, which is a great achievement in itself.
On the tournament front, the same teams have placed in 104 finals, winning 61 Championships with 41 Runners-up medals, which is a new record for the club and remember, the year is not over.
Bryan Wilkes with his B2007 team back in June proudly wearing pink. Bryan’s three teams were champions in all of their respective divisions this season.
Our B2001 Blue team coached by Steve Yorke were Runners-up in the Las Vegas Thanksgiving National Tournament this month.
*     *     *
Good luck both to our competitive teams taking part in the Presidio Cup this weekend and to our All-Star teams, who play in the La Jolla All-Star Tournament and the Commissioners Cup.  If you have the time, please go out there and support them.
All-Star Tournament Dates:

La Jolla All Star Tournament – Dec 3rd – 4th
Scripps Ranch All-Star Tournament  – Dec 17th – 18th
New Year’s Kick Off  – Jan 7th – 8th
All-Star Teams and Coaches:
BU8 Blue – Leo Escobedo
BU8 White – Paulo Espinoza
BU8 Black – Greg Boskin
BU10 Blue – Frankie Cira
BU12 Blue – Pedro Aguirre
BU14 Blue – Bernardo Rosales
BU14 White – Paul Van Es
GU8 Blue – James Griffen
GU10 Blue – David Bonds
GU12 Blue – Massimo Breda
GU14 Blue – Memo Aguilar
*     *     *
Our AGM meeting is next month on December 7th at 8 pm at the Boys & Girls Club on Woodward in Escondido. If anyone is interested in a Board position please attend.
*     *     *
Spring soccer walk up registration is from 11 am – 22 pm on 12/3/16 at Ryan Park – see flyer below. Boy, time is flying but we must start preparing now for upcoming events in the distant future!
*     *     *
Our End of Season Party will take place in mid-January. This is where we will find out who our players voted for as most influential player on their team. We will find out who the coaches picked as Footballer of the Year. And Goalkeepers of the Year will be announced (goalkeepers both younger and older, girls and boys, who had the least goals scored on them in regular season play). We will also find out who the people voted for, for Recreational Coach of the Year, Competitive Coach of the Year, Volunteer of the Year and Team Manager of the Year.
This is always a fun time where we have fund-raising booths of all different types of food and beverages (participating teams keep the money). We usually have a coaches v. kids game and lots of music and fun. This year the party will be on Saturday instead of a Friday night, this way many of our high-school players will be able to attend.
For those few teams that cannot attend due to tournament commitments, they will have a private get-together for their award presentations. Unfortunately, this was the only Saturday available for this event.

As mentioned above, our competitive season has been a huge success as far as team placement within their divisions. This mostly is due to great coaching and team management. However, this is the time of the year when we look to improve upon and to evaluate our performance in more detail. 
The coaching of competitive teams is certainly one of our major areas that we need to keep strong. In order to do this we ask for parents to truly and fairly evaluate their coaches performance for the year. Our goal is always player development within all areas of the game and in life in general.
It would be wrong for me to say that the coaching season has been plain sailing and that we haven’t had many problems. I have had to deal with certain team problems during the season, where some parents were unhappy at the progress of their team and/or their children. But we take every complaint seriously and listen to all sides of the story before any decisions are made.
Having said all that, I am extremely happy with how much work our coaches have put in this year, especially working with their own teams, volunteering and cover working for each other. In fact this has been one of the better years as far as complaints and problems were concerned, and of course the results speak for themselves.
Now is the time for all parents to voice their opinion. This is done through our Website and the results are tallied by the Director of Coaching and the Director of Competitive. Every parents name and personal details remain confidential and are omitted, but parents comments and feelings are relayed on to their coach in the form of a list. We have a very transparent process and feel that coaches need to hear comments good, bad or indifferent in order to improve.
To evaluate your coach please click on the link below or go to our Website and complete the coaches evaluation form from there.
December is also the time when we vote for who we think should be Competitive Coach of the Year. Everyone has a vote here and voting will continue until the end of the month. Only one vote per e-mail address please. Coaches can vote for each other but not themselves. Our Recreational Coach of the Year has already been voted on and decided upon.
A good review (evaluation) also counts as one vote and a poor review discounts one vote. Hours coaches have volunteered are considered as is the success of their team and the dedication to their job in helping others.
To vote for your choice for Competitive Coach of the Year, either click on the link below or go to our Website and complete the voting form from there.
Our voting for Manager of the Year and Volunteer of the Year will commence in early January. This will appear on next month’s newsletter. This is also a time for us as a club, to thank all volunteers, young players like Bo Sparks and Cole Carter who donated their time every week to teach our recreational goalkeepers. Volunteers are the glue that keeps our organization together, while working for each other.
By-the-way, you will have to attend the End of Season Party in order to see who the winners are.

This months nutritional tips : –
During our 2016 season we contracted with Rehab United to work with our players and their families on a number of subjects, including; fitness, speed, agility, strength training, flexibility, injury prevention and nutrition.
We wanted to know how our players and their families rated these clinics, and if the provided information was beneficial to you as the team coach, manager and parent, and if it made a difference to your team.
Here are the results rounded to the nearest percentage point…
1.   How did your players like the Rehab clinics?
Excellent=57% – Good=23% – Average=17% – Poor or Very Poor=Less than 3%
2.  As a coach/manager do you think your players benefited from taking part in the Rehab clinics?
Excellent=63% – Good=27% – Average=0% – Poor or Very Poor=Less than 10%
3.  In your opinion were the clinics taught by experienced, educated experts?
Excellent=80% – Good=10% – Average=0% – Poor or Very Poor=10%
4.  Were the clinics well organized?
Excellent=63% – Good=27% – Average=0% – Poor or Very Poor= Less than 10%
5. Did the nutritional education help you and your families?
Excellent=53% – Good=27% – Average=10% – Poor or Very Poor=Less than 10%
6. Would you like to see the Rehab clinics continue in the future as a part of Heat training/practices as a continuous program?
Excellent=70% – Good=10% – Average=10% – Poor or Very Poor=10%
7.  What did you think about the injury screening?
Excellent=70% – Good=7% – Average=20% – Poor or Very Poor=3%
I think that one of the most common comments we heard from coaches and parents was that the clinics should have started prior to us returning to Ryan Park, possibly at one of our school locations just after tryouts. The other concern was that these sessions would be a much better addition had they been scheduled on non-regular-practice days. But, all in all, it is obvious that most people really thought the Rehab Clinics most beneficial.

Please be advised that Ryan Park will now only be closed for wet weather to protect the fields or when it is closed by the city.
Our high school soccer players have now ceased to practice with Heat, which has left some space on the fields for our All-Star teams. Field allocations have been announced. If you are coaching please steer clear of all goal 6-yard-boxes. Also, please be helpful and courteous to all coaches, teams, managers and parents when sharing field space.
On practice nights, practice finishes promptly at 8 pm and lights go out at 8.15 pm. This is when gates get locked, so please make sure your child is picked up prior to 8.15 pm as coaches and directors stay behind until every child has a ride – This is an important safety and courtesy issue, so please pick your child up on time – Thank You.
*          *          *
*          *          *
The holidays are approaching and your supporters will be busy shopping for gifts,
decorations, and more. By reminding them to shop at, North County
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#StartWithaSmile at for your holiday gifts and
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#StartWithaSmile at for your holiday gifts and Amazon donates to North County Youth Soccer Assoc Inc.

The holidays are approaching and everyone will is busy shopping for gifts, decorations, and more. Please remember to shop at to help support North County Youth Soccer Assoc Inc and its AmazonSmile donations!

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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and

Recreational Fall Soccer League is closing in on the end of the season, and what a season it was. Approximately 600 children of all ages experiencing a great season of soccer for fun,  taught by conscientious coaches. Teams worked hard for their results while cheered on enthusiastically by their family members on the sidelines.
Recreational soccer is the first rung on the ladder of learning the sport, with the top rung being highly competitive soccer – FC Heat Elite teams. Next in line though is selection for the Recreational All-Stars, where coaches select a small number of players who have showed a natural flair for the game, to go on and compete for the chance to make an Escondido All-Star team.
All-Star teams from Escondido Soccer Club then represent our club and the city in club tournaments throughout San Diego. This is indeed a great honor for those players selected to tryout and especially for those who make the team. All-Star season is one of my favorite times of the year, as it gives us competitive coaches a chance to see the ‘cream of the crop,’ so to speak. These players may then get the chance to move on to competitive soccer next season.
Competitive Soccer
Having already surpassed our Championship record for last season in tournaments, our competitive teams are well on their way to making a mark in their respective divisions. As you can see below, many of our 41 teams are in the top 5 and others are fighting their way up. This is going to be a great season for FC Heat Elite teams.

FC Heat Elite is proud to announce our Jersey Sponsorship Program, which we hope to have in place by the start of next season.
For the first time, we are interested in working with a partner who would like their logo and/or name on the front of our competitive team shirts.
What an exciting prospect that is for a potential company or corporation who would share in our consistent positive exposure.
We started our climb to the top in 2014 when we won 40 tournaments and appeared in 30 more finals. In 2015, we won 59 Championships and finished as Runners-Up in 43 more, and in the same season, the majority of our teams finished in the top 5 of their respective divisions, with one of our girls teams appearing in the final of the State Cup. And to date this year, we have already surpassed all those milestones, appearing in 103 finals with 61 Championships and 42 Runners-Up.
Not only have we represented the club, Escondido and California on our trip to China, but we have appeared in more publications this year than ever before.
These are exciting times for FC Heat Elite, so if you know of a company who is interested in this unique opportunity please let us know.
Remember that we are a non-profit organization, so any investment in this area could potentially be a tax deduction.
E-mail Steve or Peter if you or someone you know may be interested in this wonderful opportunity.


To read the full nutritional supplements please visit our under programs and nutrition – Website


G2004 Blue Coach Juan Ochoa – Pegasus Champions
B2007 White – Coach Alfaro – Pegasus Champions
B2004 White – Coach Griffen – Pegasus FInalists
Our BU10 Recreational team ‘Los Tiburones’ coached by Eric Schulken 
who appeared as ball boys at the SDSU soccer game in September

Please be advised that Ryan Park will now only be closed for wet weather to protect the fields or when it is closed by the city.
During the past few seasons, we have closed the fields for excessive Heat on the advise of Dr. Peter Minkoff. However, it is now up to the individual coaches and the individual players families on whether or not they would like to practice in excessive heat.
There are no mandatory practices when the heat index crosses the 100 degree line. But please think responsibly and be very cautious when it gets that hot.
Also, on practice nights, practice finishes promptly at 8 pm and lights go out at 8.15 pm. This is when gates get locked, so please make sure your child is picked up prior to 8.15 pm as coaches and directors stay behind until every child has a ride – This is an important safety and courtesy issue – Thank You.
*          *          *
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