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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and


As we start the 2016 tournament season, our FC Heat Elite competitive teams have already seen immediate success.
This is a time for coaches, managers and parents to think about what is important in their players growth. As coaches we all want to go out there and prove that our team is the best in the tournament by winning, but that should not be the most important reason why we enter tournaments. We should be exposing all of our players to at least equal or better competition, allowing them to compete fairly and solve their own on-field problems, thereby dealing with mental and physical challenges. We should never pull a player off the field just because he or she has done something wrong or incorrectly in our eyes. The whole reason for this type of exposure is to help our players mature and grow accordingly. Making mistakes and solving our own problems is how we grow in everything in life, and it is no different with our players. As coaches we offer the more experienced guiding hand.
If we enter tournaments where we are blowing away the competition, then we are in the wrong bracket. Think about that. How is your team going to improve and grow if they are winning by 6 or 7 goals in every game of every round? Is your defense and goalkeeper going to benefit?
The fee to enter tournaments nowadays is quite high, and this cost is divided equally among all players. Therefore, every player should be given the same opportunity to enjoy the experience equally. It is not right to just make up the numbers in order to cover fees and then hardly play a certain player. Again, tournaments prepare each one of our players for our regular season. We grow individually and as a team in a tournament environment.
Etiquette and good behaviour is also another important factor. Meaning that we should present ourselves in a positive way as we are always representing FC Heat Elite. We should compete hard and fair, win with pride and lose with dignity. Coaches and managers are responsible for their own sideline behavior as well as their players and parents behavior. We should not argue with game officials or parents of opposing teams. This only causes animosity and tension and leads us away from the very reason that we are there – to give a positive experience to our team and players. Our goal this year is to be the best behaved, cleanest club in California.
When my 2002 team competed last weekend in the San Diego Super Cup, we struggled through the first two games, had an easier game and then faced a team in the final that had previously beaten us 4-2 in the earlier rounds. We were behind in the final game all the way through, but still hanging on to get us to extra-time and then finally winning the game on a golden goal 3-2. It was clear that the opposing team were devastated, thinking that they had this game in the bag. But right after our golden goal, everyone of their players shook hands with ours even without the prompting of their coach. In the runners-up acceptance speech their coach said, “This is what we are here for. For games like this, when every player on the field is working exceptionally hard for that ultimate goal – it only makes us stronger as a team and the players always benefit.”
I could not have agreed more.
B2002 Blue team coached by Steve Yorke & Arturo Duarte – San Diego Super Cup Champs
B2007 Blue coached by Martin Lopez & Franki Cira
Poway Shootout Champs
B2005 Blue coached by Denis Sweeney & Sebastian Oros – Notts Forest Champs
B2004 White coached by James Griffen – San Diego Soccer Jam Champs
B2005 Black coached by Robert Jeffers – Oceanside Beach Finalists
G1997/98 Blue coached by Hector Hernandez – Oceanside Beach Finalists
B2006 White coached by Julio Alfaro – Oceanside Beach Finalists
B2004 Black coached by Bryan Wilkes – Oceanside Beach Finalists
G2004 – January – Ochoa – Coronado Cup FINALISTS
G2009 – February – Blake/Meyers – Poway Indoor CHAMPIONS
G1997/98 – March – Hernandez H. – Phoenix Cup FINALISTS
G2000 – May – Parker – Oceanside Beach CHAMPIONS
G1997/98 – May – Hernandez H. – Oceanside Beach FINALISTS
B2005 – January – Sweeney – Carlsbad Premier FINALISTS
B2004 – January – Wilkes – SDSC CHAMPIONS
B2003 – January – Lopez – Celtic Cup CHAMPIONS
B2002 – May – Yorke/Duarte – San Diego Super Cup CHAMPIONS
B2005 – May – Sweeney/Oros – Notts Forest CHAMPIONS
B2007 – May – Lopez/Cira – Poway Shootout CHAMPIONS
B2007 – May – Lopez/Cira – San Diego Beach Soccer Jam CHAMPIONS
B2009 – May – Griffen – San Diego Beach Soccer Jam CHAMPIONS
B2006 – May – Alfaro – Oceanside Beach FINALISTS
B2005 – May – Jeffers – Oceanside Beach FINALISTS
B2004 – May – Wilkes – Oceanside Beach FINALISTS


Fall Soccer Preparation…
Online registration is now open.
We are looking for coaches for the Fall Season!
If you are a novice coach and you need help setting up your practice sessions and coaching your team, you can use our coaching Website.
Please contact Jessica Escobedo for more details on both above.
Coaches meeting is schedule for all Recreational Coaches on 06/13 at 7:00pm at Round Table Pizza in Escondido.
Recreational tryouts are 06/11 & 06/25. Players only need to attend 1 of these 2 dates. Check-in is 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Players and Parents should plan on staying the entire time scheduled below.
U9-U10 (2008-2007) 9:00am-10:30am
U11-U12 (2006-2005) 11:00am-12:30pm
U13-U14 (2004-2003) 1:00pm-2:30pm
FREE Recreational Camp for all registered players.
06/27 & 06/29 for ages U6-U8 (2013-2009) 6:00pm-7:30pm at Kit Carson Park
06/28 & 06/30 for ages U9-U14 (2008-2003) 6:00pm-7:30pm at Kit Carson Park
Walk-Up Registrations for Fall 2016:
06/11 – 9:00am-2:00pm at Kit Carson Park
06/25 – 9:00am-2:00pm at Kit Carson Park
06/27 – 5:00pm-7:00pm at Kit Carson Park
LAST WALK UP REGISTRATION 06/28 – 5:00pm-7:00pm at Kit Carson Park
Online registration is open until 07/01/16
*There is a $5 fee with online registration
Mail-in registrations accepted through 07/01/16. Mail in form ( and payment to:
Escondido Soccer Club
ATTN: Jessica Escobedo
PO Box 300202
Escondido, CA 92030


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