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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and

June proved to be a very busy month for soccer both with Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat. Midway through the month we had our Recreational sign-ups, tryouts, and camps, hosted by FC Heat coaches. Currently we have close to 600 players signed up for our Fall Rec Season, which will mean exciting soccer for all involved. It was great for us to see so many talented players trying out this year, all the way from the very young ones to the teenagers. This year we are hoping to introduce a junior team of goalkeeping coaches to teach our recreational goalkeepers when we return to Ryan Park
June was also a very good month for our FC Heat Competitive Teams who secured more tournament wins and finals, bringing our grand total to 23 Championships and 20 Runners-up – please see photographs below. This is a true testament to the strength of our teams and coaches who have been working together since tryouts in February. All of this hard work pays off. Here is the current list of our 41 teams with their respective coaches and managers.

B2008 Blue Martin Lopez/Frankie Cira Natalia Juarez SDDA 2
B2008 Black Sebastian Oros Alison Oros AA-C
B2007 Bryan Wilkes Wendy Wilkes SDDA-2
B2007 White Julio Alfaro Celeste Hall AAA
B2007 Blue Martin Lopez/Frankie Cira Natalia Juarez AA-B
B2006 Blue Martin Lopez/James Griffen Natalia Juarez SDDA 2
B2006 Black Jimmy Fernandez Kimberly Beck AAA
B2006 White Julio Alfaro Jose Cardenas AAA
B2005 Blue Denis Sweeney/Sebastian Oros Alison Oros AAA
B2005 Black Robert Jeffers Lety Damian SDDA 2
B2004 Jorge Velazquez/Alejandro Leticia Velazquez SDDA 1
B2004 Blue Jimmy Fernandez Maggie Aguilar SDDA 1
B2004 Black Bryan Wilkes Wendy Wilkes AA-A
B2004 White James Griffen Rose Villasenor AAA
B2004 Green Martin Lopez Natalia Juarez AA-C
B2003 Blue Martin Lopez/Frankie Cira Veronica Lopez SDDA 1
B2003 Black Bryan Wilkes/Kim Plavan Wendy Wilkes AA-C
B2002 Blue Steve Yorke/Arturo Duarte Maria Rolim de Moura SDDA 2
B2002 Martin Lopez Rose Villasenor SDDA 2
G2008 James Griffen Rose Villasenor AA-C
G2007 Blue Brian Blake/Don Meyers/Dan B Angela Meyers AAA
G2006 Blue Marcelo Marino/Humberto Jennifer Johnson AA-C
G2006 Black Don Meyers/Brian Blake Angela Meyers AA-C
G2005 Hector Hernandez Denyce Cooper AA-C
G2004 Blue Juan Ochoa Krista Ochoa AA-B
G2003 Black Brian Blake Lisa Anderson SDDA 2
G2003 Blue Hector Ochoa Krista Ochoa SDDA 2
G2003 White Jamie Hernandez *** AA-C
G2002 Blue Carlos Hernandez Stefanie Harris AAA
B2001 Blue Steve Yorke Kristin Fox SDDA 1
B2001 Black Denis Sweeney Michaela Krams AAA
B2001 White Alvaro Melgoza *** AA-B N
B2000 Blue Roger Rolim de Moura Tracy Wright SDDA 1
B2000 Black Gastone Del Medico *** AA-A
B1999 Blue Jose Valle Ben Zin CSL
B1999 Black Roger Rolim de Moura Maria Thomas SDDA 2
G2001 Blue Robert Parker *** SDDA-2
G2000 Carlos Hernandez *** AA-A
G1999 Blue Robert Parker Kathy Pharies SDDA 1
G1999 Black Jamie Hernandez Elizabeth Kauffman AA-A
G1997/8 Blue Hector Hernandez Denyce Cooper SDDA 1
Looking for a goalkeeper for one of our B2001 team…
For finding One goalkeeper for FC Heat BU16 Black (2001) to play this coming season.
A reward of $100.00 is offered for finding a goalkeeper not currently in the soccer club. The player will take part in Presidio AAA level competitive games.
The Coach will consider any boys from 2002 and 2001 for a tryout.
The reward will be paid in the form of a voucher credit towards your existing team fees once a player has signed the registration forms.
For further information or if you have any questions please contact:
Coach Denis Sweeney at 858-245-8862 or e-mail –
The Dave Shelton Memorial Cup will take place at Ryan Park this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It should be very exciting with many of the brackets filled to capacity. Parents will be able to see many of our FC Heat teams competing, some against each other, but remember, everything always remains friendly.
Dave Shelton Memorial Cup July 15, 16, and 17, 2016.
A team party is a great way to build camaraderie while enjoying social time with players and families and it is a great way to announce things like fundraisers, tournaments etc. etc. A great place to have a team party is at Lawrence Welk Golf/Soccer course where players, coaches and families can take part in a great new sport. Pizza is available on site and the golf pro Brian Perkins will be glad to set you up. He can be reached at 760-749-3000 for more information. Believe me I have tried this, it is a great entertaining 4 or more hours at a great price.
It looks like we will be returning to Ryan Park on Monday, August 8, 2016. The first week back will be our Competitive Heat Camps where all players will participate and get to meet the coaches of 2016. Details will be on our next newsletter. Also upon returning to Ryan Park, all competitive teams will be taking part in our fitness and nutrition programs with Rehab United, again, details of this will be in next month’s newsletter.

Here are our successful Heat teams for June, which has set a new record for tournament wins and finalists during one month. Not featured but recognized is Rob Parker’s G1999 Blue team who were finalists in the Golden State Tournament in early July – it was too dark to obtain photos by the time the tournament was complete

Griffen – G2008 – Liverpool Finalists
Meyers – G2006 – kickn’it Finalists
Blake/Meyers – G2007 Liverpool Champions
Blake/Meyers – G2003 – Liverpool Finalists
Oros – B2008 Black – Kickn’it Finalists
Wlikes – B2007 Silver – Kickn’it Champs
Wilkes – B2007 – Power of Pink Award
Lopez/Cira – B2007 Blue – Pegasus Cup Champs
Fernandez – B2006 Black – Pegasus Cup Champions
Jeffers – B2005 Black – Tiffany Finalists
Sweeney/Oros – B2005 Blue – Kickn’it Finalists
Jeffers – B2005 Black – Liverpool Champions
Fernandez – B2004 Blue – Liverpool Cup Champions
Fernandez – B2004 Blue – Pegasus Cup Finalists
Griffen – B2004 – Liverpool Cup Champions
Lopez – B2003 – Xolos Finalists
Wilkes – B2003 – Kickn’it Champions
Lopez – B2002 – Xolos Champions
Lopez – B2002 – Xolos Champions
Yorke – B2001 Blue – Rebels Champions
Sweeney – B2001 Black – Kickn’it 2000 Finalists
Lopez – B2003 – Pegasus Champions
Rolim de Moura B2000 Blue – Rebels Cup Champions


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