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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,

In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and

Our ‘Meet & Greet’ hosted by Dick’s Sporting Goods in Escondido was a huge success for our Recreational Fall Teams. It was a chance for parents and players to meet their coaches and also to listen to their plans for the coming season.
The staff at Dick’s were very courteous and helpful and we feel that this is going to be a great relationship for everyone as we move forward.
Thank you for all who showed up and helped, none of this would be possible without volunteers like yourselves.
If you are indeed interested in coaching at the Recreational level, please contact Jessica Escobedo.
For coaches already established with teams who need a little help putting together practice lesson plans, you can access our Website and/or talk to one of our FC Heat coaches and ask for help, as we are all here to help each other.
*     *     *

The Dave Shelton Memorial Cup for 2016 was a fantastic experience for all who took part and watched the games. The amount of teams and talent who
Issac Shelton holding the trophy
took part was bigger this year than I can ever remember, with many games starting on Friday evening to compensate for time and field space.
For those of you who don’t know who Dave Shelton was, here is a little eye opener…
Dave was a long time resident of Escondido and served many years on the NCYSA board in many different positions. He was instrumental in the development of all of our soccer programs, including the Mayors Cup tournament.
Dave enjoyed helping the youth of Escondido and continued coaching long after his own children had grown. Dave devoted over twenty years of his life to these young soccer players. He had a wonderful relationship with all of the kids, many of whom he sponsored out of his own pocket as their needs arose. He truly realized the value and purity of athletic competition in youth sports, and took great pride in the opportunity to coach alongside his son Josh. Jed his other son, was a little young then but was coached by Dave. Both can now be seen roaming the fields at Ryan Park and other locations.. Josh is a top level referee, coaching college games and Jed is helping coach in our Competitive division for the B2006 Black team, assisting Jimmy Fernandez. Jimmy and Jed were teammates for coach Dave Shelton, along with Leo Escobedo, who is the brother of Jessica, who now runs and organizes the Dave Shelton tournament.
In 1966 Dave and his wife Linda were recognized by California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) for their many years of volunteerism dedicated to the young soccer players in their community. They were awarded the CYSA Lifetime Honorees Award for their outstanding contributions to youth soccer in our district.
Dave and Linda have 4 grandchildren Jonah, aged 10 (B2006 Black team), Issaac, aged 8 (B2008 Black team), Natalie, aged 12 and Gwen, aged 9, who both are thinking of joining the Heat program soon. Linda, Dave’s wife and grandma is still very active watching her grandchildren at Ryan Park.
Regrettably on October 28th, 1999, we lost Dave Shelton, one of the great founding father’s of youth soccer in our city, but his name and legacy will live on forever. Most of all the young soccer players that play in Escondido today may never know who Dave Shelton was, but as they grace the fields of Ryan Park, Dave will be looking down with pride, seeing what was always his pride and joy, “kids playing and enjoying soccer”.
When his grandson Isaac held the Dave Shelton Winner’s trophy aloft in the Winners Circle this year, he looked at the inscription and said, “Hey that’s my granddad!”
You bet it is son!
*     *     *
On August 8th 2016, we return to Ryan Park. Many of you are breathing a big sigh of relief, knowing that all of our teams and players will be in one place every practice day. We should take the time to think about what the last 3 months have been like, not having the luxury of our own fields. Other clubs deal with this problem year round. FC Heat and Escondido Soccer Club are very fortunate to be able to play at Ryan Park, therefore we should take very good care of the place. By not using goal mouths (six yard boxes) on the field, and not climbing on equipment and goals, and by picking up trash when we are done, we are showing a great example to our players and also prolonging the great condition that Ryan Park will be in when we return.
Our first week back, we will be hosting our Competitive Heat Camps. This is where our players and parents get to meet all of the coaches at FC Heat, the competitive arm of our non-profit organization. This is indeed free to all players – see dates and times below. Then on Friday, August 12 we will host Super Fun-Raising Friday, where all teams can man their sales stalls and sell products in order to raise funds for their particular teams. Don’t be left out in the cold, it is best to get organized now. To see what other teams are selling, contact Tracy Wright. Players will also get a chance to play a select coaches team just for fun.
Monday through Thursday, Heat teams only, Friday is open to all.
The following week, August 15th, our teams practice sessions will be coached by Rehab United’s professional coaches. These include current professional soccer players now playing for teams like Albion pros. Again there is no charge for this and your regular team coach will be taking part. These sessions will teach our players proper warm-ups, fitness, match preparedness, nutrition, speed, agility and injury prevention, just to name a few. We are still working on a schedule for this and will release it via e-mail once it is established. Please check with your coach and manager.
*     *     *
We are till looking for a goalkeeper for our B2001 Black team…
                                                     REWARD OFFERED
For finding One goalkeeper for FC Heat BU16 Black (2001) to play this coming season.
A reward of $100.00 is offered for finding a goalkeeper not currently in the soccer club. The player will take part in Presidio AAA level competitive games.
The Coach will consider any boys from 2002 and 2001 for a tryout.
The reward will be paid in the form of a voucher credit towards your existing team fees once a player has signed the registration forms.
For further information or if you have any questions please contact:
Coach Denis Sweeney at 858-245-8862 or e-mail –

Here are our successful Heat teams for July…

G2007 Blue – Coach Blake and Meyers – Dave Shelton Champions
B2005 Black – Coach Jeffers – Kickn’it Champs (June)
G2008 – Coach Griffen – Dave Shelton Finalists
G2003 Blue – Coach Hector Ochoa – Real Madrid Champions
G2003 Black – Coach Blake and Meyers – Dave Shelton Champions
G2003 Black – Coach Blake and Meyers – Real Madrid Finalists
B2008 Blue – Coach Lopez and Cira – Real Madrid Champions
B2008 Blue – Coach Lopez and Cira – Dave Shelton Champions
B2007 Blue – Coach Lopez and Cira – Dave Shelton Champions
B2007 Blue – Coach Lopez and Cira – Elite Cup Finalists
B2006 White – Coach Alfaro – Dave Shelton Champions
B2006 Blue – Coach Griffen and Lopez – Dave Shelton Finalists
B2005 Blue – Coach Sweeney and Oros – Dave Shelton Champions
B2004 White – Coach Griffen – Real Madrid Finalists
B2004 Blue & White – Coach Fernandez and Coach Griffen – Shelton Champs & Finalists
B2004 Blue – Coach Fernandez – Dave Shelton Champions
B2004 Blue – Coach Fernandez – Golden State Finalists
B2004 Blue – Coach Fernandez – Carlsbad Cup Champions
B2002 Blue – Coach Yorke and Duarte – Dave Shelton 2001 Finalists
B2001 Black – Coach Sweeney – Dave Shelton Champions
B2000 Blue – Coach Rolim de Moura – Dave Shelton Champions
B1999 Blue – Coach Valle and Cardoza – Cerritos Premier Champions
G2004 Blue – Coach Juan Ochoa – San Diego United Challenge Finalists
G1998 – Coach Hector Hernandez – Real Madrid Finalists
Remember, happy, developing players, who enjoy their game bring home awards!
                                     39 – CHAMPIONSHIPS
                                     32 – FINALISTS


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