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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and


From the Editor…



Volunteers are the drive behind our success…


We recently celebrated our 40th year as a soccer club, which in reality is a year or two over our original established date as we were knocking around trying to get kids to play soccer before we were officially recognized. However, as you can see we have developed into this wonderful ‘Hometown Style’ soccer club that puts players and families first.


We have changed over the years with the help of our founding fathers, donations, professionals, sponsorship and yes, volunteers.


Volunteers working hard in the engine room have kept this ship on course. They work in all positions throughout Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat Elite. They serve on the board to help make decisions, they park cars, they face-paint, they work in the snack bar and cooking burgers, they take trips to various meetings in and around the city and they serve on committees that take charge of a particular cause. Not to mention coaching, managing, accounting, field and equipment repair and various other needed positions to not only keep us afloat, but to drive us to our next destination.


This month of November we celebrate all of our volunteers and praise the time they have donated and the work they have achieved collectively. Without you all, this club would be non-existent so it is our pleasure and honor to thank all of you for what you have accomplished.


With our new Website under construction our future is looking even more rosy, with a new format newsletter and sections to honor individuals from our young players to volunteers, it is something that will set us apart and one that we are all looking forward to utilizing.


Thank you all for your time and efforts in making this club a success!




Steve Yorke – Director of Coaching




*                    *                    *



Join our Educational CommitteeContact Director of College and Career Readiness


Any Sponsorship and Donations – 

Contact Director of Marketing


Join our End of Season Party Committee

Contact DOC


Do you have any suggestionsContact DOC




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On Monday of this week I had the pleasure of watching some of our young Recreational players play in their own ‘in-house’ tournament at Ryan Park. I was truly amazed at the talent that we have. I walked around the fields smiling to myself just picturing these players in their future roles. For many, this is the first time they have played under lights and in this type of atmosphere.



Parents huddled on the sideline with hot chocolate and blankets, dads and grandfathers anxiously walking up and down the sideline waiting for little Johnny to score a goal. The thunderous roar as the ball enters the net and coaches hugging one another after they go-ahead or tie the game.



It is occasions like these that these young players will remember forever. You and your teams are helping create ever-lasting memories.


Great job!


*                    *                    *




On Saturday, November 10th at 12 noon our custom made emergency golf cart arrives at Ryan Park. With funds secured through a grant by our Director of Marketing, Michaela Krams, we were able to have exactly what we needed for on-field injuries.



The cart will be equipped with emergency first aid kits and tools and has flashing amber lights on the front and back. It is faster than the average golf cart and has ample space for storage.



The back seat folds down to a small bed and we have a grab bar to assist injured players.


Great job Michaela in securing these funds!




*                    *                    *





Congratulations to our first League Champions in our Girls Competitive Division. Coach Brian Blake and his G2007 Blue team became Champions of the SDDA Flight 2 Blue Division ahead of schedule – Great Job Coach, Manager and of course THE LADIES!!!




*                    *                    *





Graduating from School


For all of you who are graduating from school in 2019 this will be a new and potentially exciting adventure. A big and important step towards building your future and steps into adult life.


Your concentration now should be on doing all that you can to improve and raise your grades, so you can achieve the highest possible GPA score. This will help you with being able to negotiate possible financial academic discounts with the colleges of your choice.


Many of you are very interested in continuing to play organized competitive level soccer. Many college coaches report that they get many players for their roster from walk-ups at their tryouts. It is worth noting that very, very few students are able to gain a soccer scholarship.


Getting picked for a college roster can be hard because you will be a freshman competing with older, more experienced players, who may also be seniors. If you are going to be at a college outside Escondido then there are often good ‘pick-up’ game/teams available. If you are going to local colleges like Palomar or San Marcos and your birth year is 2001, then you would still qualify to continue playing with FC Heat.


We have players this year who are currently taking advantage of this option. Your current coach will tell you when the FC Heat tryout dates and times are published.


We would look forward to seeing you there. If you want or need any other information or help then please contact me.


Coach Denis Sweeney

Director for College Preparation and Readiness.






We would like to congratulate all of those players who were selected to tryout for our All-Star teams. This is an honor in itself, so well done!


Congratulations especially to those players who were selected to play on an All-Star team – Great Job!


We all look forward to seeing you play in the upcoming tournaments around the holidays. You will now be practicing under lights to prepare for these competitions. It is the next step on the soccer ladder leading to Competitive Soccer.


If you have any questions regarding All-Stars please contact Angela Meyers.


Spring League Soccer sign-ups began last Saturday and will continue. We are looking for Spring League Soccer Coaches. If you are interested please contact Maria Rosales











Our current medal count is 46 Championships

 and 45 Runners-Up in 91 Finals and 1 League Division Championship to date



We will be looking to add to this total when our post season tournament play continues.





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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and







September is a very important month for us especially in our Competitive Department. It is the month when we start all of our competitive games in their respective divisions. We play from now until around December time, when we then prepare for State and National Cup. Our Recreational teams also start their league this month.


We are also launching our College Workshops this month, starting on Thursday, September 6th at 6.30 pm at the Boys & Girls Club on Woodward Avenue in Escondido. This seminar will be open to all teams both competitive and recreational, their players and families in the 2003 birth year age group and older only. The workshop will be given by Sylvia Caruthers who has worked closely with our Director of College and Career Readiness, Denis Sweeney.


With Denis’ help Escondido Soccer Club, unlike any other soccer club, is taking a slightly different approach to college preparation, by concentrating more on the academic approach rather than the athletic approach. Let’s face it, if your child is not academically prepared first and foremost then they would not be playing soccer anyway. This is our first workshop with concentration on the financial aspect of the college applications and process, and will touch on all aspects of college application awareness.


sylviaSylvia began her career in education in 1996 at a local school district. She has worked closely with students and administrators throughout her career and understands the importance of working in conjunction with school counselors, and she has seen firsthand the limitations that they face. She can pick up where they legally cannot, due to liability issues, contract or district policy.


She had melded her background in education with SoCal College Planning and has successfully helped families save money while going to their dream school. Her personal goals are to provide guidance to families of all incomes and backgrounds. Her PTA and high school sports workshops have helped her meet this goal and are one of the many ways she gives back to the community.
Sylvia studied Italian and Social Studies in Rome at Scuola Leonardo de Vinci (the school made famous by Elizabeth Gilbert’s book; Eat, Pray, Love) and continues to practice Italian on her chickens and rescue Pomeranian.


Although Sylvia makes her living from her profession, none of her products and services will be talked about during the workshop. This seminar is solely for informational purposes only for Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat.


If indeed you do need more information about her services you can go to her Website at SOCAL COLLEGE PLANNING.







*                    *                    *



If you wish to help any of our Directors and their respective committess please see contacts below.


Join our Educational CommitteeContact Director of College and Career Readiness


Any Sponsorship and Donations – 

Contact Director of Marketing


Join our End of Season Party Committee

Contact DOC


Do you have any suggestionsContact DOC




*                    *                    *




Our Opening Night Celebrations was a massive success with close to a thousand people attending. This was open to our Recreational and our Competitive personnel and teams and families and friends.



A lot of money was made for our teams through food and ware stalls manned by players and families. All money collected will benefit those teams.






This was the first year we had live entertainment with DJ CRIZ and an adults only beer and wine area. Our volunteers also provided baby-sitting and manned our jumpees and fun areas. Thank you to all those who volunteered and made this event a true success!






*                    *                    *









*                    *                    *




We are in need of a Boys  U10 assistant coach in the Recreational Division.

Contact Franki Cira.


If you know of any players of any age equipped to play competitive soccer please contact Steve Yorke.



*                    *                    *



Ryan Park is now OPEN – Field number 1 will be rested on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this month







B2006 Black – Coach Fernandez – SoCal FInalists


G2010 – Coach Jeffers – Attack Summer Classic Finalists


G2009 – Coach Griffen – Pegasus Labor Day Finalists


G2008 – Coach Griffen – Carlsbad Classic Finalists


G2006 Black – Coach Meyers – SoCal Cup Champions


G2005 – Coach H. Hernandez – Notts Forest Champions


G2003 – Coach Meyers – Attack Summer Classic Finalists


B2007 – Coach Cira – SoCal Champions


B2010 Blue – Coach Espinoza – SoCal Finalists


B2000/01 Black – Coach Sweeney – Real Madrid Finalists


B2010 – Coach Espinoza – San Diego Premier Champions


B2008 White – Coach Melgoza – Scripps Challenge Champions


B2005 White – C. Hernandez – Carlsbad Classic Champions


B2005 – Coach Gonzalez – Riptide Champions


B2005 – Coach Gonzalez – Barcelona Cup Finalists


B2004 – Coach Griffen – Pegasus Labor Day Finalists


B2000/01 Blue – Coastal Classic Champions


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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and

From the Editor…
Here we go…Here we go…Here we go!
In the time I have worked for Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat Elite, I have rubbed shoulders with many people from all walks of life. One of the most frequently asked questions is…
What are your goals for the future of this club?
We are a non-profit organization that is run mostly by volunteers. We appoint a board of directors who then become the voice for all of our members. We have short term goals and we have long term goals, which are established through ideas and innovation and acted upon collectively by our members, volunteers and paid staff.
Our mission statement dates back many years and specifically talks about soccer and a player’s development within the game. A portion reads so:
“Our coaches will teach good sportsmanship, team work, player education, development and a passion for the game. We believe through coaching and competition, most players will reach their full potential.
Soccer is the ultimate team sport, each player has a role to play, we need to be able to teach that role through the tactical side of the game, and also to help them learn the technical skills to allow them to progress to a higher level.
Our league is fully committed to help develop each player, as an individual and team player and we will strive to make that happen.”
In over forty years of teaching young players this wonderful game, times have changed. And so have we.
Last week I had the good fortune to interview our Escondido City Mayor, Mr. Sam Abed and I was honored and proud to listen to what our club means to him, our city and its population in general. We have made and continue to make a difference, keeping children off of the street and away from trouble while also teaching them some of the most important fundamental lessons in life.
Moving forward as a club, we are getting stronger. On the soccer side, we are playing in higher divisions, winning and appearing in more competitions and turning out good quality players. But that’s just where we start. Soccer to us is just a conduit, a common interest shared by our players, their families and our coaches and managers. Our ultimate goal is to mold each and every one of our players into a terrific human being. We are just using this wonderful game as a means to get to where we want to go.
We are approximately 60% Hispanic as is the City of Escondido. Many of our player’s families have never seen one of their offspring attend college or move onto a higher level of education. We believe that further education is imperative to improve one’s quality of life. We also believe that openly accepting and sharing cultural diversity is the first step in the foundation of our platform.
In a nutshell here are some of the goals we have and how we are advancing as we move forward in time:
  • We are building a new Website that will feature a one-stop-shop to everything we offer as a club. From recreational to competitive to tournaments and education and beyond. This is now in the preliminary stage and will take around 7 months to complete. Our newsletter and news blasts will be more professional and refined with more sharper images and lead-ins to stories and articles without overfilling your mail box.
  • Our coaches and coaching staff will improve in the next few years with better guidance, evaluations, licensing and observance. As we have grown in quality, we need to maintain and indeed improve in this area.
  • Our fields have considerably improved over the last several months and we have gained permission to expand in this area. Our goals are to light more fields, improve the surface and expand the top fields.
  • Equipment is being upgraded such as goals, a first aid golf cart, maintenance equipment and our facilities, such as the snack bar will also see improvements.
  • Sponsorship, grants and other monetary support has greatly improved. We are currently working with a number of organizations who have expressed interest in working closely with us. The Asian American Affairs Association and our Chinese friends are enthusiastic about re-energizing our cultural exchange program, whereby teams will visit us and we will visit them. An international tournament is planned for early next year at Ryan Park, backed by their generous support. We have been issued at least one grant for improvements with hopefully more to follow.
  • Personnel changes and the appointment of certain committees are making our jobs a little easier. In the words of our President, Jessica Escobedo, “It takes a village!” And it certainly does, as now more and more volunteers are actively getting involved. Indeed our Opening Day was planned and conceived by a committee of moms who shared ideas to give everyone a memorable and happy time.
  • Our approach to the success of our players is going to improve. We are not just concerned about their development as soccer players, we are more concerned about their development as decent human beings in the holistic sense. We plan to consider our players academic level and their personal goals as well as family goals for their future. Peter Minkhoff our Director of Competitive stated this clearly at one of our recent coaches meetings when he said, “We should not be asking our players ‘Are you going to college?’ We should be asking them, ‘What college are you going to?'”
As you all know, everything is a challenge and anything in life worth having is worth working for. We are always working hard behind the scenes in order to improve the life and the future for your children and to allow them to compete and take part in our programs at a reasonable cost. If we are improving and adding new programs while breaking even, then we are on the right track.
If you feel that you are equipped to help in any way possible with any of our committees or if you have any suggestions, please contact one of our directors below.
Thank you so much!
Steve Yorke – Director of Coaching
Join our Educational Committee – Contact Director of College and Career Readiness
Any Sponsorship and Donations –  

Join our End of Season Party Committee –  

Do you have any suggestions – Contact DOC
*                    *                    *
*                    *                    *

*                    *                    *
We are in need of a Boys U6 and Boys U12 coach and a Girls U10 coach in the Recreational Division.
Please note that practices start after August 6th and first preseason games August 18th. Recreational traveling teams do not have preseason games.
*                    *                    *
Ryan Park is now OPEN!

A few years ago I was introduced to Zhang Ouying. She is a highly regarded coach coach for SDSC and has been coaching in the US for many years. Prior to our China trip she called me and offered advice. We struck up a great friendship and she offered to put on clinics for our girls program in the not too distant future.
In case you didn’t know Coach O lives locally and played both in the World Cup final and in the Olympics. She is a highly accredited coach who has helped many players achieve their dreams.
Unfortunately Coach O recently had some bad news and she now needs our help.
Here is her story…

Coach Wilkes – B2007 – Dave Shelton FInalists
Coach Melgoza – B2008 White – Encinitas Cup Finalists
Coach Melgoza – B2008 White – Dave Shelton Cup Finalists
Coach Espinoza – B2010 – Chula Vista Invitational Cup Champions
Coach Gonzalez – B2005 – Dave Shelton Memorial Cup Champions
Coach Jeffers – B2005 Black – Dave Shelton Memorial Cup Finalists
Coach Wilkes – B2004 – Murrieta Surf Cup Finalists
Coach Fernandez – B2004 Blue – Albion Cup Champions
Coach Yorke – B2000/2001 Blue – Murrieta Surf Champions
Coach Cira – B2008 Blue – Murrieta Surf Cup Finalists
Coach Cira – B2008 Blue – Rebels Cup Champions

Coach Oros – B2008 Black – Murrieta Surf Cup Champions
Coach Oros – B2008 Black – Dave Shelton Champions

Coach Rosales – B2006 – Dave Shelton FInalists
Coach Rosales – B2006 – Sporting Champions

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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and

Our younger tryouts had to be rescheduled from last week until this coming week due to rain.
Although Ryan Park drains off water real well, it has really suffered this winter with the rain causing flooding on most of the fields. We were supposed to host State Cup this coming weekend, but it was canceled for this very reason. Hopefully, with no more rain in the forecast for the coming week or so, we should be okay for tryouts.
All players 2003 and younger have to attend tryouts in order to be considered for selection on one of our teams for 2017. With the great success FC Heat Elite has achieved last season, we expect there to be a lot of players trying out in these younger age groups. And in addition, we certainly welcome all of our Recreational and All-Stars players to attend these tryouts.
This is the tentative list of coaches and teams for younger tryouts, which lists the teams in order of hierarchy (in brackets, A, B etc.) – teams and coaches can change depending on the amount of players showing up at tryouts.
Coaches of the A team will have 48 hours with the list of players in order to select their team, then the list of players will get passed on to the next team in order (B). Coaches will only have priority selection only if their current players attend tryouts, if their players do not attend, then the next team will have priority selection.
As always, players and parents will have the first right of refusal, to play or not to play for that particular team, but a place cannot be guaranteed on another team should they choose not to accept that initial place offering.
Based on the numbers at tryouts we can and will add coaches and teams where needed, but only if the higher numbers call for this to happen.
(A)B2010 (NEW) Paulo Espinoza
(A)B2008 Blue Frankie Cira
(B)B2008 Black Sebastian Oros
(A)B2007 Bryan Wilkes
(B)B2007 White Julio Alfaro
(C)B2007 Blue Frankie Cira
(A)B2006 Blue Jamie Juarez/Martin Lopez
(C)B2006 Black Jimmy Fernandez
(B)B2006 White Julio Alfaro
(B)B2005 Blue Sebastian Oros
(A)B2005 Black Robert Jeffers
(B)B2004 Jorge Velazquez
(A)B2004 Blue Jimmy Fernandez
(D)B2004 Black Bryan Wilkes
(C)B2004 White James Griffen
(E)B2004 Green Jamie Juarez/Martin Lopez
(A)B2003 Blue Martin Lopez
(B)B2003 Black Bryan Wilkes/Kim Plavan
(A)G2009 (NEW)
(A)G2008 James Griffen
(A)G2007 Blue Brian Blake/Don Meyers/Dan B
(A)G2006 Blue Marcelo Marino/Humberto
(B)G2006 Black Don Meyers/Brian Blake/Bill D
(A)G2005 Hector Hernandez
(A)G2004 Blue Juan Ochoa
(A)G2003 Black Brian Blake
(B)G2003 Blue Hector Ochoa
(C)G2003 White Jamie Hernandez
To read our Competitive Brochure in English – click here
To read our Competitive Brochure in Spanish – click here
The snack bar will be open during tryouts this year, so come and get your hot chocolate and coffee to help you stay warm while the little ones run around.
We will be having a Registration Night & Uniform Fitting on the following dates, location still to be decided and announced:
2/13/17 – B/G 2009-2007
2/14/17 – B/G 2006-2005
2/15/17 – B/G 2004-2003
2/16/17 – Make-ups for all younger divisions
See new flyer below with new tryout dates…

*     *     *
Spring Soccer League will start on February 12, 2017.
Online registration is still open, click below:
For you volunteer coaches who would like to join in, we are in need of:
1 GU12 Coach
1 BU8 Coach
1 GU8 Coach
Contact Maria Rosales if interested.

The 2017 tournament season seems to have started early this year and one of our girls teams are the very first to open their account with a Championship. Congratulations to Juan Ochoa and his G2004 Blue team who became The Carlsbad Premier Cup Champions – Well done coach and ladies!

Ryan Park will only be open for Tryouts next week, but will be closed until further notice following those tryouts – please keep informed by going to our Website for the latest news.
*          *          *
Nutrition News will appear again in the March edition of our newsletter.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
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#StartWithaSmile at for your holiday gifts and Amazon donates to North County Youth Soccer Assoc Inc.

The holidays are approaching and everyone will is busy shopping for gifts, decorations, and more. Please remember to shop at to help support North County Youth Soccer Assoc Inc and its AmazonSmile donations!

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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and

Recreational Fall Soccer League is closing in on the end of the season, and what a season it was. Approximately 600 children of all ages experiencing a great season of soccer for fun,  taught by conscientious coaches. Teams worked hard for their results while cheered on enthusiastically by their family members on the sidelines.
Recreational soccer is the first rung on the ladder of learning the sport, with the top rung being highly competitive soccer – FC Heat Elite teams. Next in line though is selection for the Recreational All-Stars, where coaches select a small number of players who have showed a natural flair for the game, to go on and compete for the chance to make an Escondido All-Star team.
All-Star teams from Escondido Soccer Club then represent our club and the city in club tournaments throughout San Diego. This is indeed a great honor for those players selected to tryout and especially for those who make the team. All-Star season is one of my favorite times of the year, as it gives us competitive coaches a chance to see the ‘cream of the crop,’ so to speak. These players may then get the chance to move on to competitive soccer next season.
Competitive Soccer
Having already surpassed our Championship record for last season in tournaments, our competitive teams are well on their way to making a mark in their respective divisions. As you can see below, many of our 41 teams are in the top 5 and others are fighting their way up. This is going to be a great season for FC Heat Elite teams.

FC Heat Elite is proud to announce our Jersey Sponsorship Program, which we hope to have in place by the start of next season.
For the first time, we are interested in working with a partner who would like their logo and/or name on the front of our competitive team shirts.
What an exciting prospect that is for a potential company or corporation who would share in our consistent positive exposure.
We started our climb to the top in 2014 when we won 40 tournaments and appeared in 30 more finals. In 2015, we won 59 Championships and finished as Runners-Up in 43 more, and in the same season, the majority of our teams finished in the top 5 of their respective divisions, with one of our girls teams appearing in the final of the State Cup. And to date this year, we have already surpassed all those milestones, appearing in 103 finals with 61 Championships and 42 Runners-Up.
Not only have we represented the club, Escondido and California on our trip to China, but we have appeared in more publications this year than ever before.
These are exciting times for FC Heat Elite, so if you know of a company who is interested in this unique opportunity please let us know.
Remember that we are a non-profit organization, so any investment in this area could potentially be a tax deduction.
E-mail Steve or Peter if you or someone you know may be interested in this wonderful opportunity.


To read the full nutritional supplements please visit our under programs and nutrition – Website


G2004 Blue Coach Juan Ochoa – Pegasus Champions
B2007 White – Coach Alfaro – Pegasus Champions
B2004 White – Coach Griffen – Pegasus FInalists
Our BU10 Recreational team ‘Los Tiburones’ coached by Eric Schulken 
who appeared as ball boys at the SDSU soccer game in September

Please be advised that Ryan Park will now only be closed for wet weather to protect the fields or when it is closed by the city.
During the past few seasons, we have closed the fields for excessive Heat on the advise of Dr. Peter Minkoff. However, it is now up to the individual coaches and the individual players families on whether or not they would like to practice in excessive heat.
There are no mandatory practices when the heat index crosses the 100 degree line. But please think responsibly and be very cautious when it gets that hot.
Also, on practice nights, practice finishes promptly at 8 pm and lights go out at 8.15 pm. This is when gates get locked, so please make sure your child is picked up prior to 8.15 pm as coaches and directors stay behind until every child has a ride – This is an important safety and courtesy issue – Thank You.
*          *          *
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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and

August proved to be a very eventful month for Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat. Along with our return to Ryan Park came the start of our Recreational warm-up season, played for the fun and the spirit of the game. Rec coaches are doing an excellent job of teaching these players the basic techniques, which shows on the faces of every player out there.
Our FC Heat Competitive teams had another record month for tournament wins and final appearances (see below). This is going to be an excellent year for us. Word is out nowadays that FC Heat are here to compete as demonstrated in the Oceanside SoCal Cup, where five of our teams competed and made all of their respective finals with four of them winning outright. We have gold teams in the Boys 2000 and 2001 divisions who are winning most of their gold tournaments, both here and up in Orange County. You can always tell when one of our teams is doing exceptionally well as our players from these teams get chased by other clubs. I am forever calling DOC’s to tell them ‘hands-off!’
Our Competitive teams started our new fitness and awareness program with Rehab United this month, which is proving to be a great success. Each team will see the professional fitness coaches 3 or more times in these next 5 weeks of our 8 week program. I was really impressed, by the way, in which the exercises were explained and the needed corrections that were made to some individual players. It was plain to see which of our players would be prone to injuries in certain areas. Knees and ankles are always suspect, especially with our older girls.
Rehab United also provided us with nutritional information so that we, the parents of our athletes, can see where we need correction in this area. As Bjorn, the Head Coach from Rehab said, “You can have the best Maserati in the world complete with a fantastic engine, but you will see zero performance if you put in the bad fuel.”
Below is our first installment of the Rehab Nutritional plan for FC Heat & Escondido Soccer Club. It was great to see so many families listening to the nutritional talks that the Rehab coaches did. It shows that together as, parents, coaches and players, we can all change the way our athletes eat and keep their injuries to a minimum.
Opening Day, Saturday, September 10, 2016 is fast approaching where Ryan Park is officially open and our clubs and teams start their league games. This is always a fun event with Jumpees, food and events for all ages.
Opening Day  Festivities
Please join us for an Action Packed Day
Saturday Sept 10, 2016
From 8 am to 4 pm
Wristbands pre-sold $10.00 each, after September 2nd., $15.00
Wristbands include unlimited access to Laser Tag, Rock Wall, and all seven additonal inflatables.
Individual tickets will be sold for $1.00 each
Basket Auction Fundraiser
*     *     *
Media Mentions…
China publication, yes that is Marco Chavez from our B2001 Blue team in the bottom left corner!
To read an interview with our DOC at SoccerNation please click here
*     *     *
Our Competitive Goalkeeper Clinics start on August 31st, 2016, which will be every Wednesday evening throughout the season from 5.30 – 6.30 pm Youngers and 6.30 – 7.30 pm Olders.
And for our Recreational Goalkeepers…
Escondido Soccer Club is excited to announce a new Goalkeeper Clinic for Rec players! Two of our super-star FC Heat Goalkeepers, Cole Carter and Bo Sparks, will be heading up the clinic. They will be co-coaching with Cole responsible for the Older Group and Bo responsible for the Youngers.
Cole Carter is 17 years old and currently plays on the Varsity soccer team at Rancho Bernardo High School, where he is a senior. 75% of his high school games were clean sheets! He’s been a goalkeeper since 2009, playing for FC Heat, San Diego Soccer Club and San Diego Surf. Cole also has a USSF “F” Coaching License.
Bo Sparks is 12 years old and currently plays on the BU14 FC Heat Wilkes team. He’s been a goalkeeper since 2010 and was invited to join the professional club’s academy at FK Austria Wien! Bo ran a small keeper’s clinic for the rec BU12 division last season.
The clinic will be held at Ryan Park field 1 on Thursdays, 5-6 for birth years 2003 and younger, 6-7 for birth years 2002 and older. Clinics start 8/25/16.

We are also still looking for a goalkeeper for our B2001 Black team…
                                                     REWARD OFFERED
For finding One goalkeeper for FC Heat BU16 Black (2001) to play this coming season.
A reward of $100.00 is offered for finding a goalkeeper not currently in the soccer club. The player will take part in Presidio AAA level competitive games.
The Coach will consider any boys from 2002 and 2001 for a tryout.
The reward will be paid in the form of a voucher credit towards your existing team fees once a player has signed the registration forms.
For further information or if you have any questions please contact:
Coach Denis Sweeney at 858-245-8862 or e-mail –

To read the full nutritional supplement please visit our under programs and nutrition – Website

B2001 Blue – Coach Yorke – SoCal Gold Champions
B2006 Blue – Coach Marino – SoCal Champions.
B2008 – Coach Griffen – San Diego Premier Champions
G2007 – Coach Blake & Meyers – Barca Finalists

G2003 Black – Coach Blake – Barca Champions
G1998 – Coach H. Hernandez – San Diego Premier Champions
B2008 Black – Coach Oros – Irvine Champions
B2007 – Coach Wilkes – San Diego Premier Finalists
B2006 Black – Coach Fernandez – San Diego Premier Champions
B2005 Black – Coach Jeffers – Barca Champions
B2004 White – Coach Griffen – Barca Finalists
B2004 – Coach Valazquez – Barca Champions
B2004 & B2004 White – Coaches Valazquez & Griffen – Champs & Finalists
B2004 Blue – Coach Fernandez – Carlsbad Coastal Classic Champions
B2004 Black – Coach Wilkes – Carlsbad Coastal Classic FInalists
B2001 Blue – Coach Yorke – Surf Summer Classic Champions
B2000 Blue – Coach Rolim de Moura – SoCal Champions


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Wright family after their son Ryan broke his ankle in 3 places at practice in the last week of August. Tracy is a board member always helping other people – now might be a good time to reach out and help this family.
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   Do you have work that needs doing?
Then what are you waiting for?
       Hire one of our skilled contractors who are also Heat Parents.         
By doing this you are also helping to pay down their child’s fees.
Need help paying down your fees?
Then what are you waiting for?
  • If you need a job doing, check here first!
  • If you would rather work to pay off your child’s fees go here and advertise your trade!
  • If you have something of value you want to sell or trade for fees, advertise it here first!
  • Other fund raising ideas are also available!
The Website mentioned above is the key to help parents raise money for their children’s soccer playing fees. The Website is in English but is easy to use.
FC HEAT is the only club that offers this unique assistance.

  • Can you mow a lawn?
  • Can you paint a fence?
  • Can you build a Website?
  • Can you tutor math or music?
  • Do you have something to sell?
  • Can you detail cars?
What are you willing to do in order to pay off your child’s fees?
Parents can go here to advertise their trade and in turn secure a job in exchange for payment towards fees.
Parents can go here to advertise products and items to sell in exchange for payment towards fees.
Parents, members and associates of FC HEAT can go here to have a job completed by a parent or associate in exchange for payment towards their child’s fees
Parents, members and associates of FC HEAT can go here to purchase any products or items for sale, where money will go towards a young soccer player’s fees.
If you have a special fund-raising activity within your Heat team, advertise it for free on – all instructions on the Website
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