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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and

From the Editor…
Here we go…Here we go…Here we go!
In the time I have worked for Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat Elite, I have rubbed shoulders with many people from all walks of life. One of the most frequently asked questions is…
What are your goals for the future of this club?
We are a non-profit organization that is run mostly by volunteers. We appoint a board of directors who then become the voice for all of our members. We have short term goals and we have long term goals, which are established through ideas and innovation and acted upon collectively by our members, volunteers and paid staff.
Our mission statement dates back many years and specifically talks about soccer and a player’s development within the game. A portion reads so:
“Our coaches will teach good sportsmanship, team work, player education, development and a passion for the game. We believe through coaching and competition, most players will reach their full potential.
Soccer is the ultimate team sport, each player has a role to play, we need to be able to teach that role through the tactical side of the game, and also to help them learn the technical skills to allow them to progress to a higher level.
Our league is fully committed to help develop each player, as an individual and team player and we will strive to make that happen.”
In over forty years of teaching young players this wonderful game, times have changed. And so have we.
Last week I had the good fortune to interview our Escondido City Mayor, Mr. Sam Abed and I was honored and proud to listen to what our club means to him, our city and its population in general. We have made and continue to make a difference, keeping children off of the street and away from trouble while also teaching them some of the most important fundamental lessons in life.
Moving forward as a club, we are getting stronger. On the soccer side, we are playing in higher divisions, winning and appearing in more competitions and turning out good quality players. But that’s just where we start. Soccer to us is just a conduit, a common interest shared by our players, their families and our coaches and managers. Our ultimate goal is to mold each and every one of our players into a terrific human being. We are just using this wonderful game as a means to get to where we want to go.
We are approximately 60% Hispanic as is the City of Escondido. Many of our player’s families have never seen one of their offspring attend college or move onto a higher level of education. We believe that further education is imperative to improve one’s quality of life. We also believe that openly accepting and sharing cultural diversity is the first step in the foundation of our platform.
In a nutshell here are some of the goals we have and how we are advancing as we move forward in time:
  • We are building a new Website that will feature a one-stop-shop to everything we offer as a club. From recreational to competitive to tournaments and education and beyond. This is now in the preliminary stage and will take around 7 months to complete. Our newsletter and news blasts will be more professional and refined with more sharper images and lead-ins to stories and articles without overfilling your mail box.
  • Our coaches and coaching staff will improve in the next few years with better guidance, evaluations, licensing and observance. As we have grown in quality, we need to maintain and indeed improve in this area.
  • Our fields have considerably improved over the last several months and we have gained permission to expand in this area. Our goals are to light more fields, improve the surface and expand the top fields.
  • Equipment is being upgraded such as goals, a first aid golf cart, maintenance equipment and our facilities, such as the snack bar will also see improvements.
  • Sponsorship, grants and other monetary support has greatly improved. We are currently working with a number of organizations who have expressed interest in working closely with us. The Asian American Affairs Association and our Chinese friends are enthusiastic about re-energizing our cultural exchange program, whereby teams will visit us and we will visit them. An international tournament is planned for early next year at Ryan Park, backed by their generous support. We have been issued at least one grant for improvements with hopefully more to follow.
  • Personnel changes and the appointment of certain committees are making our jobs a little easier. In the words of our President, Jessica Escobedo, “It takes a village!” And it certainly does, as now more and more volunteers are actively getting involved. Indeed our Opening Day was planned and conceived by a committee of moms who shared ideas to give everyone a memorable and happy time.
  • Our approach to the success of our players is going to improve. We are not just concerned about their development as soccer players, we are more concerned about their development as decent human beings in the holistic sense. We plan to consider our players academic level and their personal goals as well as family goals for their future. Peter Minkhoff our Director of Competitive stated this clearly at one of our recent coaches meetings when he said, “We should not be asking our players ‘Are you going to college?’ We should be asking them, ‘What college are you going to?'”
As you all know, everything is a challenge and anything in life worth having is worth working for. We are always working hard behind the scenes in order to improve the life and the future for your children and to allow them to compete and take part in our programs at a reasonable cost. If we are improving and adding new programs while breaking even, then we are on the right track.
If you feel that you are equipped to help in any way possible with any of our committees or if you have any suggestions, please contact one of our directors below.
Thank you so much!
Steve Yorke – Director of Coaching
Join our Educational Committee – Contact Director of College and Career Readiness
Any Sponsorship and Donations –  

Join our End of Season Party Committee –  

Do you have any suggestions – Contact DOC
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We are in need of a Boys U6 and Boys U12 coach and a Girls U10 coach in the Recreational Division.
Please note that practices start after August 6th and first preseason games August 18th. Recreational traveling teams do not have preseason games.
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Ryan Park is now OPEN!

A few years ago I was introduced to Zhang Ouying. She is a highly regarded coach coach for SDSC and has been coaching in the US for many years. Prior to our China trip she called me and offered advice. We struck up a great friendship and she offered to put on clinics for our girls program in the not too distant future.
In case you didn’t know Coach O lives locally and played both in the World Cup final and in the Olympics. She is a highly accredited coach who has helped many players achieve their dreams.
Unfortunately Coach O recently had some bad news and she now needs our help.
Here is her story…

Coach Wilkes – B2007 – Dave Shelton FInalists
Coach Melgoza – B2008 White – Encinitas Cup Finalists
Coach Melgoza – B2008 White – Dave Shelton Cup Finalists
Coach Espinoza – B2010 – Chula Vista Invitational Cup Champions
Coach Gonzalez – B2005 – Dave Shelton Memorial Cup Champions
Coach Jeffers – B2005 Black – Dave Shelton Memorial Cup Finalists
Coach Wilkes – B2004 – Murrieta Surf Cup Finalists
Coach Fernandez – B2004 Blue – Albion Cup Champions
Coach Yorke – B2000/2001 Blue – Murrieta Surf Champions
Coach Cira – B2008 Blue – Murrieta Surf Cup Finalists
Coach Cira – B2008 Blue – Rebels Cup Champions

Coach Oros – B2008 Black – Murrieta Surf Cup Champions
Coach Oros – B2008 Black – Dave Shelton Champions

Coach Rosales – B2006 – Dave Shelton FInalists
Coach Rosales – B2006 – Sporting Champions