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Hello Escondido Soccer Club and FC Heat families,


In this edition of the newsletter you will find quite a lot of information that you may need to review more closely. All of this is available on our Websites: and

Top from left to right: Rob Parker (Head Coach), Fatima Valle, Abby Hughes, Jordan Engdahl, Aisa Wallace-Polares, Regina Marino, Mia Mendoza, Grace Marsh, Stephanie Alvarez, Samantha Hernandez, Jessie Soliz and Carthy Exedter (Assistant Coach). Bottom row, left to right; Maya Recore, Samantha Meyer, Mikayla Parker, Katie Roner, Samantha Campbell, Jordyn Marlow, Melissa Vazquez and Gina Marie Pacheco.
What a fantastic performance by the GU14 FC Heat team, coached by Rob Parker and Cathy Exeter in the Governer’s Division State Cup for Olders. The girls were really challenged in the earlier rounds of this tournament with tight games, last minute goals and penalty shoot-outs, but they finally prevailed and made the final out at Norco.
Matched against a very good Delmar Sharks team, the girls knew they had another tough battle on their hands. Right from the start the team were handed some challenges as Assistant Coach Cathy was not allowed to be with the girls on the sideline because of a strict coaching card rule. And, going 0-2 down in the first-half gave the girls a huge mountain to climb. They also lost Regina Marino in the first half due to a head clash, but thankfully she would later return to the game in the second half. The girls fought and fought and almost succeeded when Mia Mendoza scored a late goal. Three or four more crosses were sent into the goal area by Fatima Valle, but the girls just could not capitalize.
When the final whistle blew the Sharks ran to each other in victory, while our girls joined hands and graciously took a bow to the large crowd on the far-side touchline. Together in victory and together in defeat, but always together, these girls are a truly great example of the levels we are attaining with our club. They have now set the standard for us all to live up to; what a wonderful achievement for the girls of FC Heat. Well done ya’ll and remember, you didn’t lose the game, you just ran out of time!
At FC Heat we have been working very hard, especially to strengthen the girls division and what a magnificent way to start. With coaches like Rob Parker and Cathy Exeter, 2016 is looking rosy for our girls.
We completed our older tryouts last month with many players showing up to join our already successful older Heat teams. It was great to see some older faces returning and to see some of the players from the larger clubs in San Diego checking us out.
We were able to form around 10 to 12 teams with many being very strong. Instead of forming one team in an age group, this year we have been able to form multiple teams in many age groups. Our older girls teams could use a little help with strong players, but all in all our older tryouts were very successful.
Competitive players are still needed on the following younger and older teams. If you know of someone who has the ability to play good, quality soccer in these age groups, please click on the corresponding coaches name and send them an e-mail with this information.
Girls 2008 – James Griffen
Girls 2004 – Jamie Hernandez
Girls 2005 – Hector Hernandez
Girls 2000 – Carlos Hernandez
Girls 2001 – Carlos Hernandez
Girls 1999 – Hector Hernadez
Boys 2008 – Sebastian Oros
Boys 2005 – Denis Sweeney and Robert Jeffers
Boys 2004 – Bryan Wilkes and James Griffen and Jimmy Fernandez
Boys 2003 – Bryan Wilkes
Boys 2002 – Alvaro Melgoza
Boys 2000 – Gastone Del Medico
Boys 2001 – Gastone Del Medico


A few years ago, before I became Director of Coaching, I was watching one of our All-Star teams play in an Oceanside tournament. It was a fascinating game which our boys won, thereby winning the tournament.
A stand-out in that game was a young winger by the name of Justus Whitaker. He was a go-get-it type player with tremendous speed and a great attitude. In the games that I watched he scored two great breakaway goals. Needless to say, a year or so later I picked him on my FC Heat Boys U14 team. Not only did he excel within that very talented team, but he quickly became a leader and a captain who the other players naturally looked up to. In the team huddles Justus would speak his mind and take a coaches type approach to most situations, leaving other players and myself open mouthed. But we all believed in him and in what he was saying. I think this is one of the reasons that this team has been very successful.
The Danny Smuts Memorial Final was the brainchild of Justus Whitaker. He came to me with the idea after young Danny originally got injured. Having learned more about Justus and his background, I have been thoroughly impressed with not only his approach to the game, but his approach to life in general.
Justus’ first love is gymnastics, where he excels and is known nationally. In his last meet in San Francisco, he achieved a fantastic 4th all round. He is a quite the remarkable athlete. To see the video click here
When I called asking his parents for more information on his extra-curricular activities, they said he was away for the weekend helping with the many challenged athletes, known as Special Olympians.
Justus is still in middle school and carries a 3.8 GPA. He participates in flag football, volleyball, track and of course soccer, of which he is also a licensed referee.
These are the kind of great human beings that are part of the make up of FC Heat as we collectively share the same values and beliefs in life. Justus’ sister Taylor also plays for FC Heat.
We are proud of Justus and the many other players like him who decide give back.

Everybody and his dog knows John Napier and what he has achieved for youth soccer in California. Indeed, in 2015 he was inducted into the Cal South Hall of Fame. We are lucky to have John working with us here at FC Heat, in fact he has been with us since the very early days.
I got my start in the early 80’s with John and his soccer camps, and we have even played on the same team for a period of time. My children attended John’s camps from day one and in fact now my son is one of his helping hands.
Many great players have come through the Napier Soccer Camps over the years and even many more great people. Just check out the photos below; that is Ryan Guy on the left, ex-pro and current player/coach of NC Battalion professional soccer team, and of course the Yorke twins on the right. Those were the days!
Come join the fun at John Napier Soccer Camps!



We’re planning on FC Heat being the featured club for NC Battalion’s home match on May 14th. It should be a great event as it is also Firefighter Appreciation Night. We need players that would be interested in walking both teams out on the field and being ball boys/girls for the game. We’re looking for 12 boys and 12 girls preferably ages 10 & under.  It will be a lot fun and action packed.
All FC Heat players in their uniform/warm ups that attend the match will be free of charge.  Parents will pay full price, but 50% of game day ticket proceeds from FC Heat families will be returned to the club. The more families that come out, the more our Club will benefit!  Please e-mail Jessica Escobedo here with interested players names.
                                                   *                     *                    *
FC Heat and Escondido city officials are in talks with representatives from China in order to invite some Chinese teams to participate in our very own Dave Shelton tournament in July. If this happens it will be a great experience for everyone. Of all the teams I saw in China, the younger players, both girls and boys, had such fantastic ball mastery it had to be seen to believed. Also the coaching was pretty fantastic. The amount of money that the Chinese government spends on youth soccer is incredible, especially after their most recent success in the last Women’s World Cup. We will keep our fingers crossed as this will add a new international twist to our home tournament.
                                                   *                     *                    *
Please be advised that Ryan Park is now closed until August for maintenance and rest. This is always a difficult time of year, especially for the Heat teams who continue to practice. Be careful where you practice taking into consideration other people’s sports and space. This time of the year is a real eye opener on how other clubs have to work with limited fields and space. We will be thankful when we return to Ryan Park especially since it will be in pristine condition.
                                                   *                     *                    *
Many people ask us what we do with uniforms which we have left over that we can no longer use, and my answer is always that we put them to good use. At FC Heat we try not to waste anything. We recycle soccer shoes primarily to our players and we recycle uniforms to foreign countries. Last year we sent batches of old uniforms to both Africa and Mexico.
The Heat team from Mexico!
Fall Soccer Preparation…
Online registration is now open. The next walk up registration will be at the Escondido Street Faire on May 15th 2016 from 9 am until 4 p m.
We are looking for coaches for the Fall Season!
Please contact Jessica Escobedo for more details on both above.

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