On the 19th April 1976 (30th Anniversary) North County Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) was formed as a corporation in the City of Escondido, one of the first youth soccer orgarizations in North San Diego County. NCYSA used to cover alarge part of North County in those days. This also happened to be in conjunction with the arrival of a Professional soccer team playing in San Diego in 1976 (San Diego Jaws NASL), playing out of Balboa Park and San Diego State Aztec Bowl.

As the City of Escondido grew, so did their soccer program, hundreds of young players joined this large league.

In the early 1980s a competitive side was added to the recreational program called the Escondido Royals, which operated locally and in Southern Orange County. During the 1980s the competitive name changed from Royals to Heat and then 1989 became the Escondido Earthquakes. At this time Escondido had over 2,000 children playing soccer.

The Earthquakes competed with North County Alliance (also based in Escondido) at the competitive level. These orgarizations finally came together in 1996 to form the Escondido FC Heat.

The name NCYSA was finally changed to Escondido Soccer Club in 2003 which now incorporates the FC Heat program.

Our programs were put together to benefit all young soccer players that want to take their skills to a higher level. Our programs are designed to give all players this opportunity to compete in an environment that will give them the chance to succeed. We want all our players to enjoy this great game, and respect all other officials, coaches and players.

Our coaches will teach good sportsmanship, team work, player education, development and a passion for the game. We believe through coaching and competition, most players will reach their full potential.

Soccer is the ultimate team sport, each player has a role to play, we need to be able to teach that role through the tactical side of the game, and also to help them learn the technical skills to allow them to progress to a higher level.

Our league is fully committed to help develop each player, as an individual and team player and we will strive to make that happen.